• The Story Of Lacoon Mobile Security Leading A Successful Startup March 23, 2016

    On April 11, Mr Emanuel Avner, co-founder of Lacoon, will tell us an inspirational story from the idea stage until the very successful exit.

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  • CHARITY AUCTION for Garage48 HUB June 09, 2015

    LIVE CHARITY AUCTION for Garage48 HUB was taken place on June, the 4th. Thank you all for supporting and for helping to raise 1449€ EUR + 65 EUR with lottery. All the money will be used for renovating our startup community centre!

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  • Idea Challenge by EIT ICT Labs: "Privacy, security and trust in the era of IoT" May 20, 2015

    Don’t miss if you are curious about the emerging IoT scene or look for support for your innovative digital startup!

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  • Grow Your Startup with Export: How to Get the Most out of Google April 21, 2015

    Why do you choose Finland and UK as the next markets? It’s time to stop using assumptions and utilize Google tools for your business.

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  • 6th EstCHI Meetup - Tackling Information Architecture Challenges with Eye-tracking April 07, 2015

    Do you want to avoid losing users by identifying the usability problem of your website? Build a good information architecture with eye-tracking. 

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  • What’s up? Garage48 hackathon’s after event April 01, 2015

    Garage48 organized a reunion event for the teams and participants from Garage48 week-end events to share their progress and help each other out on March 26th at Garage48 HUB.

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  • Lunch Talk On Future Of Self-driving Cars With Brad Templeton March 22, 2015

    On March 18th, Garage48 HUB had the pleasure to host Brad Templeton, an evangelist of self-driving cars who has been advising the Google Car project, from Silicon Valley.  

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  • Startup Sauna in Tallinn March 06, 2015

    Garage48 HUB hosted Startup Sauna in Tallinn on March 4th. 11 local early stage startups participated in the event to receive honest feedback and advice from experienced coaches. BIEX, InsightsForce and Sorry As A Service were chosen as top performers!

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  • 5th EstCHI Meetup - Online Analytics and Usability March 02, 2015

    The 5th EstCHI Meetup, in cooperation with Tallinn University and Trinidad Consulting, took place at Garage48 HUB on February 25. The series of events are designed for people to learn more about UX and to promote networking between UX enthusiasts in Estonia. This 5th event focused on the practical approach to improve UX.

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  • Who Needs Investors? February 16, 2015

    John Mullins, an Associate Professor of Management Practice, Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School, gave a lecture on the customer-funded business for entrepreneurs and angels at Garage48 HUB on January the 27th.

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  • Practice Makes A Perfect Pitch! January 18, 2015

    On this Thursday, Garage48 HUB hosted an event ”Practice Makes A Perfect Pitch!” hosted together with Credit24. The goal of the event was to get more comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. 

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  • Pitch and mingle with execs from the U.S. January 06, 2015

    Hey Estonian startups!
    Are You eager to enter US market? Improve You business model? Or build connections with senior business people from global companies?  Garage48 HUB is offering You a chance to participate in a half-day workshop with the World Executive MBA students from George Washington University. Around 30 managers including Fortune 500 companies and institutions like Oracle, Deloitte, Garnett, the U.S. government and prominent NGOs will visit Estonia to see what the famous startup country Estonia is about.
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  • Raybike Is Looking For New Team Members Due To New Market Opportunities December 02, 2014

    Raybike is looking for new team members due to new market opportunities.  This is a startup which is manufacturing and re-selling a revolutionary three wheeled kick scooter. They have won business idea contest Ajujaht 2012. Since then they have been on the market.  

    Please check the advertisement! Feel free to contact them if you are interested in the positions.     

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  • Developer wanted for Happy Gifts! May 30, 2014

    All developers, who have long wanted to give back to the world should now take action. Happy Gifts wants to develop an e-commerce platform, where socially responsible companies and factories have an opportunity to make their values more visible through putting their stocks or special items/services to Happy Gifts platform, with the aim to collect donations for charities. Users can buy items, but instead of giving the money to a company, they make a donation in the name of one of the charities that have joined with our system.

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  • Rode Imaging Event / Hackathon May 10, 2014

    The Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU) is looking for clever ways to bring the art of Hermen Rode to a wider audience. For thus, one of the best reserved medieval churches, St Nicholas Church in Tallinn is holding a hackathon event to put the information of the artist's work into a wider digital context and to carry out technical research.  Read more »
  • Tech All Stars 2014 is on the road! May 08, 2014

    The European Commission has recently announced the launch of this year’s Tech All Stars competition and is looking forward to applications of the best startups across Europe to take part in this reputable event.

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  • "Everybody Wanna FOLK" April 14, 2014

    Here is a story how "Team of Folkers" came to Garage48 and made a prototype of an international Folk Dance mobile application in 48 hours. 

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  • 1st EstCHI Meetup in Tallinn April 04, 2014

    EstCHI, the organisor for World Usability Conference in Tallinn, collaborated with Tallinn University and Trinidad Consulting to host the much anticipated user experience meetup at Garage48HUB for a full house. This was the first meetup for UX enthusiasts to learn more regarding user experience design and having the possibility to meet the people involved in this design field in Tallinn.

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  • FinTech at Garage48HUB March 27, 2014

    FinanceEstonia, the British Embassy in Tallinn and UK Trade & Investment organised an event to celebrate and strengthen cooperation between Estonia and the UK in the financial technology industry. The mission of this event was to hold a hackathon for a chance for developers to present their idea to the delegates and to get access to the UK market. The other objective of the day was for the panelists and delegates to discuss the key points, commercial needs and solutions for both parties to benefit from.

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  • FIHACK March 13, 2014

    Hey you – genious developer! If you are looking for development opportunities in an industry that is in definite need for clever and innovative solutions, and that knows money like no other, then listen up!  Read more »
  • RAUD - Hardware Hackers Meet-up March 10, 2014

    This time GarageHUB was the proud host of RAUD, which is already the second time for Rene Rebane from Hobilabor (a space for hackers) to gather hardware hackers and believers. The idea of RAUD is to build a stronger community around the hardware scene and to focus on relevant topics and problems regarding hardware. 

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  • MAAC - A Window for Success March 06, 2014

    Garage48 HUB was the host for a brilliant app accelerator event powered by Microsoft, Nokia and AppCampus, which is known as MAAC (Mobile App Accelerator Camp). 

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  • George Washington University students & local startups workshop January 07, 2014

    Hey Startups!

    Are You eager to enter US market? Improve You business model? Or build connections with senior business people from global companies? Well this is Your change, Garage48 HUB is offering You a chance to participate in a one day workshop with the World Executive MBA students from George Washington University. Around 30 senior managers from Fortune 500 companies and institutions like Honeywell, Ernst&Young, US government and prominent NGOs will visit Estonia to see what the famous Estonia is about.
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  • Students from Tallinn University of Technology visited Garage48HUB November 28, 2013

    Some days ago a group of students from Tallinn University of Technology visited Garage48Hub. It was part of the course in entrepreneurship – and around 40 students from different countries who are registered to this course were there. Me as their humble teacher set up this visit – and I do not regret this experiment at all! :)
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  • Apply to Turbo Acceleration program in Krakow October 29, 2013

    Our friends in hub:raum are preparing a Turbo Acceleration program, which is intensive 8 day mentorship and business model development program. Program includes 50+ mentors and potential to raise money in the end of the program. Plus, travel and accommodation costs covered. Apply now, latest 17th of November. Read more »
  • Startup Sauna warmup coming to Tallinn: sign-up to join! August 14, 2013

    Startup Sauna warmup will take place in Garage48 HUB in 25th of September. Startup Sauna acceleration program has been a pivotal step to grow for a number of successful Estonian and Garage48 alumni startups. Join the event to get 1 on 1 feedback from Startup Sauna coaches and increase your chances to get into the acceleration program! Register your startup now! Read more »
  • Garage48: a launchpad to start-up life! August 13, 2013

    Mari Raudsepp first found out about Garage48 earlier this year and participated in Garage48 Kiev event where she met Ukrainian developers Igor and Bogdan and launched myTips - interactive on-screen tutorials for complex interfaces. After the event Mari joined Garage48 team as HUB manager where she had a chance to get inside the vibrant start-up world. Soon after she pitched myTips in front of investors in Seedcamp Tallinn event and Latitude59 conference. Now myTips team is fully focusing on their product and ready to rock!  Read more »
  • JOB OFFER: Garage48 HUB looking for new manager August 13, 2013

    Are you passionate about the Estonian startup scene? Do you want to leave your mark to make it even better and help Estonian startups succeed? Over the last years, Garage48 HUB co-working and events space has grown to be the leading centre of Estonian startup activities. To take it to new level, we’re now looking for a new super person to manage all the activities of the HUB. Please see the job offer below, share it or apply yourself.  Read more »
  • Sell actively, sell globally by Vitaly Yanko from MyCommerce August 01, 2013

    Many thanks to Moscow Vitaly Yanko, the director of MyCommerce and guru of global business, for visiting the Hub with an interesting talk. Read more »
  • Morning with pitches and ideas from Ottavio Cambieri and Zahhar Kirillov July 26, 2013

    This Tuesday morning has been exceptional for the Garage48 HUB team - morning with 2 incredible speakers: Ottavio (speaking about his Mash Machine) and Zahhar (team building lessons), followed by pitches and business-ideas created by the teams. Read more »
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies by Rode Luhaäär July 16, 2013

    Rode Luhäär,  a coordinator of Deveton Mobile, gave an enlightening marketing seminar at our HUB . He introduced various new ways of getting the word out through different social media channels and as a bonus, he added a touch of humor to the session.
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  • Lesson Learned: Mika Peltola from Brazil on Entrepreneurship May 15, 2013

    Garage48 HUB hosted Mika Peltola, a Finnish entrepreneur living and working near Rio De Janeiro. We talked about life, entrepreneurship and start-ups in Brazil from a Nordic point of view. Read more »
  • Kate Edwards: Succeeding in the Game Industry May 07, 2013

    We hosted Kate Edwards, the executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), at Garage48 HUB. Kate talked about her long experience in the game industry, the current trends and shared tips on how to succeed.
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  • Financial Management For Startups April 17, 2013

    Thanks to Juan Sáenz-Diez, Garage48 visitors had a chance to get smarter at financial management in their startups. Juan talked about the basic concepts of economics and accounting of a firm, using intuitive concepts and images, a few basic concepts related to value creation and the venture capital investment process. Sounds complicated? Juan made all clear for us in his lecture at Garage48 HUB. Read more »
  • Start-Up Chile - Latin Way of Rocking Start-up World March 14, 2013

    WiseGuys start-uper, Start-Up Chile alumni and just a crazy guy called Felipe from startup Biletu came to Garage48 HUB to share his wisdom and experience how awesome is to live half year in Chile and to be part of the Start-Up Chile accelerator. He followed step by step how to apply and what things to be concerned about to blow the judges mind.
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  • Rupert March: How to Lauch a Hi-Tech Company March 13, 2013

    Rupert March, who is Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) Director in Microsoft CEE region, paid us a visit at Garage48 HUB on Thursday. Rupert talked about general trends of startup companies development and his experience in Microsoft company towards supporting startups and young companies.
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  • JOB OFFER: Garage48 HUB looking for new manager March 08, 2013

    Are you passionate about the Estonian startup scene? Do you want to leave your mark to make it even better and help Estonian startups succeed? Over the last years, Garage48 HUB co-working and events space has grown to be the leading centre of Estonian startup activities. To take it to new level, we’re now looking for a new super person to manage all the activities of the HUB. Please see the job offer below, share it or apply yourself.  Read more »
  • Windows 8 App Design with Agu Suur February 28, 2013

    We said farewell to busy February by hosting a fast-paced UX kick-start at the Garage48 HUB. Agu Suur, who is Frontend Developer at Axinom, taught our enthusiastic guests everything they need to know about designing beautiful Windows 8 apps, including general design principles, basic rules and an overview of UI concepts and components in Windows 8 apps.
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  • Codecademy - Speaking the ABC of Coding with Leng Lee February 25, 2013

    We had a pleasure to host Leng Lee of Codecademy in Garage48 HUB last Friday, introducing us an alternative way of learning and teaching how to code: Codecademy.
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  • Startup Vitamins provides inspiration and motivation for startups - and supports them and Garage48 too! January 29, 2013

    Startup Vitamins is a recently launched project, which offers inspiring posters with sayings from industry leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jason Fried, and more. Garage48 as one of the partners of Startup Vitamins has their own poster as well! :) Read more »
  • Like a Local iPhone App Launch Party January 24, 2013

    Like a Local is a great Estonian travel information startup, who just launched their brand new iPhone App. The party was held in Garage48 HUB, together with startup comedy, drinks, snacks and a cool crowd.
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  • The best time to start was yesterday or at Garage48 January 15, 2013

    When I heard Garage48 was going to open their seaon 2013 with Belarus event and I was asked to write what has happened with Qminder, the Garage48 Tartu winner, I was in New York City about to meet a client in Manhattan – so you see, a lot has happened! Read more »
  • Angel investor Dave McClure opened the #EstonianMafia Wall of Fame in Garage48 HUB October 01, 2012

    Prominent US investor and famous startup geek Dave McClure opened #EstonianMafia Wall of Fame in Garage48 HUB, putting more than 40 thriving tech startups under the spotlight. 
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  • ArcticStartup to sponsor startups with Garage48 HUB resident desk September 10, 2012

    The largest Northern European media company covering startups and growth entrepreneurship, ArcticStartup is sponsoring Estonian based startups with free monthly passes to Garage48 HUB.
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  • Rails Girls is back in town and getting more women excited about programming August 22, 2012

    On 15th of September the Rails Girls movement is back in Tallinn and the local ladies, women and girls have the chance to dip their toes into the world of programming and Ruby on Rails.
    Register here till 24th of August! 
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  • Meet the HUBers! Zerply! August 07, 2012

    Garage48 HUB is glowing and growing and every day seeing more and more awesome start-ups moving in and actively building up some great products. Some of them already in phase of raising money from the big investors, but some of them just starting up. In our upcoming blogs you are going to be introduced our tech-stars who are gathered together under one roof and who are the future of our tech-innovation. Meet the HUBers, meet Zerply!
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  • ’'Google has definitely discovered a new country for themselves’’ - thoughts by Martin Omander at Lunch Talk Special. August 06, 2012

    On Friday, Garage48 HUB hosted a Special lunch talk for all the tech-enthusiasts, with IT-giant Google’s engineer Martin Omander. Not just a standard Q&A type of talk, but also a Google Drive demo and know-how of app-marketing was shown by the adept himself. Read more »
  • Oleg Pridiuk: "There's not much to talk about startups in Baltic" August 02, 2012

    Unity Technologies technical evangelist Oleg Pridiuk described the startup scene in Baltic countries as "in the cave mode" and because of that, there's not much to talk about.

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  • 1st Pitch&Learn event in Garage48 HUB was a success! July 25, 2012

    Yesterdays Garage48 Pitch & Learn event was a success with more than 50 people stopping by to see pitches being given feedback by the likes of GrabCAD CEO Hardi Meybaum and Ahti Heinla, Skype co-founder and angel investor.

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  • Garage48 gathers the startup community for a pitch and learn event July 17, 2012

    On 24th of July Garage48 invites tech startups to stand up in front of the startup circle to pitch and get feedback from the community and some of its more notable names. This event is all about helping you to make the most of your idea.

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  • Seminar: How to make money on Cloud? June 07, 2012

    As a startup or already established Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you’ve heard all the excitement and business benefits around the Cloud and may have even started to build cloud-based solutions. The rise of cloud services brings both technology and business changes, for most ISVs the business changes are harder because companies don’t look at the impacts across the entire organization.
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  • Garage48 HUB - new bigger office space in heart of Tallinn May 17, 2012

    Garage48 HUB was started 1,5 years ago in Tallinn by Ragnar and Martin. Today we have growing HUB community, including startups and freelancers, regular events and many supporting sponsors. Thats great! We feel that we need to take the next step and expand - this means bigger office space, more members and more (better) events. Garage48 HUB will move to the heart of Tallinn, Rävala pst 7, from early June '12. Read more how you can help us to build "Estonian startup house" - join as member, sponsor or event organizer :)
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  • Startup Community Paying It Forward And Boosting Sliptree April 19, 2012

    We have one great startup that needs little help from hackers. There are many startups around and we have picked some, which has cool founders, big potential and have already taken first steps. Sometimes they miss a little to take the next bigger step and get things really going. So we started event series "Startup Community - Paying it Forward". First company we help will be Sliptree (formerly Ranits), a project started at Garage48 event.
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  • DDVE - a cool international tech entrepreneurship Master’s Program is looking for new students March 11, 2012

    DDVE combines technology, design and entrepreneurship. It's a perfect masters program for a working professional - the classes are held on weekends, 3 times a month. Next application deadline on April 16th! All teaching is done in English, the location of DDVE is in Tehnopol, Tallinn, Estonia. The program is provided by Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy. Read more »
  • Rails Girls Make Technology World More Accessible For Girls March 11, 2012

    Rails Girls in Tallinn is over and we have inspired 30 shiny-eyed girls to become a programmer. Or if not really a coder, they still have their first web application to show and they know what's "string", "array", "hash" and HTML, CSS, jQuery, API and many other weird words and acronyms. With the event Skype, Garage48 Startup HUB and Rails Girls opened a tech field to the girls in Estonia! Read more »
  • Startup Monthly Vilnius coming to Garage48 in Tallinn March 08, 2012

    For the first time in the Region Startup Monthly Vilnius conference will take place in Vilnius on 13th–15th April. The most promising startups, entrepreneurs and developers from the Baltics and Scandinavia are invited to participate in this three-day event. The guest list includes potential investors, mentors and speakers from Europe and Silicon Valley (USA), the global centre of startups. Read more »
  • Startup Sauna Warmup in Tallinn February 28, 2012

    Startup Sauna is Helsinki based international startup accelerator involving many startups from Russia, Baltics, Poland and Finland. The accelerator takes no equity, but their companies have already secured 9.4M€ of funding. Read more »
  • Pitching, Mentoring And Networking For Technology Startups February 24, 2012

    Garage48 Startup HUB starts with a pitching, mentoring and networking events. Focused on internet, mobile applications and technology at large, it's meant for newcomers in startup world and early stage startups.
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  • Girls Start To Code - Rails Girls in Tallinn February 22, 2012

    Rails Girls will be finally in Tallinn! World famous programming workshop exclusively for girls will take place on March 10, 2012 at Garage48 Startup HUB in Tallinn, Estonia.  This one day event aims to bring girls to technology, providing a great experiences for ladies with no programming experience on building a working web application. Read more »
  • ArcticEvening is coming to Tallinn February 14, 2012

    Nordic biggest startup blog ArcticStartup will start it's new season of ArticEvening events in Tallinn, on the 1st of March. The theme of the event is startup metrics and we have William Wolfram, the founder and CEO of DealDash giving a presentation at the event. In the talk he said they're obsessed with metrics and have seen great many ways they can help take the company further. Read more »
  • Open Coffee Club Tallinn - regular meetup for tech community February 03, 2012

    Open Coffee Club was initially started to enable better communication between entrepreneurs and VCs. Usually VC-s sit in their fancy offices and entrepreneurs have difficulties to pitch their ideas and get direct feedback. OCC initiative was launched in London by Saul Klein, partner of Index Ventures. Saul wrote a simple blog post in 2007 and the initiative took off really fast. Today OCC is well know technology startup community meetup format around the world. Read more »
  • List of Baltic Startup Companies, are you listed? January 31, 2012

    Here is a great list of Baltic startup companies. Have a look, see what others are doing, get inspiration and maybe apply to a job in your favorite startup. Read more »
  • Äripäev: Garage48 HUB "full house" January 26, 2012

    Startups from Estonia and elsewhere have discovered Garage48 HUB inspiring place to come by, meet and work. Resident desks are sold out and it's busy also downstairs, where part timers hang out. Read more »
  • Estonian Mafia: The Insider View to our Startup Ecosystem January 20, 2012

    This article is an "insider's view" to Estonian Startups, ecosystem and future outlook. It's  written by Priit Salumaa, one co-founder of Garage48. The article was originally published in the University of Tartu blog, we thank them for sharing the content with us. Read more »
  • Garage48 infograph for 2011 activities December 31, 2011

    Year 2011 was the 1st full operating year for whole Garage48 foundation and also 1st year for Garage48 HUB. We created an infograph to look back on some numbers and than our sponsors, who made all those great events possible. Thank you as well for being part of our community! Read more »
  • HUB Office Hours - new event series at Garage48HUB October 17, 2011

    Every week we will invite one investor, entrepreneur, founder, geek, guru or top specialist on his/her field to meet startups face to face. These people have agreed to come to Garage48HUB and give your startups a hard push. It’s not long time mentoring program, but one time chance to discuss your startup with someone really experienced. If you like each other, you can continue the discussions later. Read more »
  • GrabCAD and Hardi Meybaum: lessons to learn about raising money in US August 01, 2011

    Last week 50+ people gathered at Garage48HUB to listen one of the recent Estonian startup success story GrabCAD, led by CEO Hardi Meybaum. GrabCAD raised $1.5 million in seed funding in June this year. Hardi, turning down all the other meeting requests, gave one time lesson about raising money in US. Read more »
  • Seminar "From the accelerators to raising money in the US" July 19, 2011

    July 26, 2011 at 18:00 2nd seminar on world famous startup accelerators and how to raise money in the US at Garage48 HUB. Insights and real-life experiences is shared by different startup people and insiders from accelerators.
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  • Seminar on “How to get into world top startup incubators/accelerators?” June 06, 2011

    June 8, 2011 at 18:00 unique seminar on world famous startup incubators/accelerators at Garage48 HUB. Real-life experiences is shared by different startups from TechStars, Springboard, Seedcamp, 500startups, Y Combinator and Start-Up Chile. Read more »
  • Startup Summer Fair Tallinn 2011 May 30, 2011

    To celebrate Summer holiday season and great work done all trough the year, Connect Estonia asks startups and people in the business for informal networking event on June 15, 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia. Read more »
  • How to build your business with outsourced team May 25, 2011

    Priit Vaikmaa from Textmagic gave a presentation in May 2011 about how he has built a business with outsourced team. Please see his slides and follow-up in case you have comments or ideas. Read more »
  • Garage48 helps Estonian and Baltic start-ups to join Microsoft’s BizSpark program February 25, 2011

    Garage48 Foundation joined Microsoft's BizSpark program as a network partner. BizSpark is an international initiative to help early stage start-up businesses keeping their costs lower for the first three years. The program is completely free to join, and within three years Microsoft offers free software, support services and assistance for startups to get their offerings on the world map. Read more »
  • Webinar on 19/Jan: How to pitch your technology company to US investors and strategic partners? January 05, 2011

    We have a new exciting event planned for the HUB members and Estonian startup community. It's going to be a webinar with experienced entrepreneur and VC Chris Risley, plus Estonian angel-investor and entrepreneur Yrjö Ojasaar. Read more »
  • Christmas sponsor campaign was successful December 30, 2010

    Garage48 HUB is a non-profit community initiative, which is financed by membership fees, donations and sponsors. We are growing step-by-step as normal "startup project". We eagerly needed cool bean-bags and kitchen furniture for the HUB, so we organized a "Christmas sponsor campaign". We were looking for 7 companies to support the campaign. The campaign was successful and we found 7 great companies!
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  • Garage48 X-Mas Party December 17, 2010

    Garage48 have had an amazing year - 2 events in Estonia and opening the HUB. Time to look back on the year, hear feedback from Garage48 teams and make plans for 2011. Of course some glögg, piparkoogid and networking are part of the event. Agenda and registration in Facebook page. Invite your fellow HUB members and Garage48 teams. Read short notes from Garage48 teams... Read more »
  • HUB opening party had 100+ startuppers December 05, 2010

    Garage48 HUB Tallinn is officially open from 1st of December. We invited Estonian startup community and tech people to our opening party to see the facilities, network and disco dancing. Read more »
  • Garage48 HUB opens on 1st of December 2010 November 23, 2010

    Garage48 HUB is a new and exciting open office space in central Tallinn for creative, tech and entrepreneurial people not just from Tallinn, but all around Estonia, Europe and beyond. Read more »