1st EstCHI Meetup in Tallinn

April 04, 2014

EstCHI, the organisor for World Usability Conference in Tallinn, collaborated with Tallinn University and Trinidad Consulting to host the much anticipated user experience meetup at Garage48HUB for a full house. This was the first meetup for UX enthusiasts to learn more regarding user experience design and having the possibility to meet the people involved in this design field in Tallinn.

The guest speaker of the evening was Nuno Correia from Aalto University. Nuno is an establised interaction designer, lecturer and artist. Originating from Portugal, Nuno is now mostly working and living all over the Scandinavian region, also giving lectures at Tallinn University.

But what is interaction design? Interaction design is defined as "the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems and services". Nuno for example, is mostly focusing on creating audiovisual design and multi-model interfaces. As he was growing up in the 80s, he was very much influenced by MTV and the music revolution it produced. Since then he has been exploring how sound influences our senses and the relations between our hearing and our sight. It has been scientifically proven that the brain enforces sound and sound enforces image, meaning the brain doesn’t separate image from sound. This results in the visual works musicians use to emphasise their music design and having an extra tool for delivering their musical messages.

The first pioneer of animation and visual music was Norman McClaren, whose visual experiences are hugely influencing the works of visual artists even today. His short film “Dots” from 1940 illustrates how the individual and minimalistic frames in quick succession can form a series of vivid and playful movements in music.

Nuno is also open for new connections and feedback, so if you want to search him up on LinkedIn or on any other social media channel, feel free to add him and he promised to accept the friend requests for further cultivation.  Additionally, to get a sense of media design and examples of sound interaction you might want to check out Media Lab in Helsinki (part of Aalto University), which organises bi-annual Demo Day for visitors to showcase real works and thus receiving a theatre-like experience of visual artists.

 Hopefully we will be able to attend the second meet-up for UX lovers, as it certainly attracts a huge audience. Special thanks also for the pizza – perhaps there could be an solutions how to see and hear the taste of pizza as the receptors in my tongue certainly do. 

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