5th EstCHI Meetup - Online Analytics and Usability

March 02, 2015

The 5th EstCHI Meetup, in cooperation with Tallinn University and Trinidad Consulting, took place at Garage48 HUB on February 25. The series of events are designed for people to learn more about UX and to promote networking between UX enthusiasts in Estonia. This 5th event focused on the practical approach to improve UX.

The event started at 19:00 full with foods, drinks and audience. EstCHI Meetup welcomed Peeter Marvet as a guest speaker to speak about the use of analytics to measure usability and performance. To be more precise, he presented how to utilize Google Tag Manager to get data about actual user interactions on your webpage. You can watch a video “Introduction to Google Tag Manager” here. http://youtu.be/KRvbFpeZ11Y

Peeter Marvet stated that people cannot make decisions or go further only with the result of Google Analytics and as a result, people often rely on analysis on website to know actual user interaction on webpage. To solve the problem he explained how to use Google Tag Manager, how it works, and what people can get by using it. He shows how Google Tag Manager helps you to get from page views to tracking information about any click to full e-commerce tracking with no or minimal change on website. It should be mentioned that Google Tag Manager does not make your website slow or wastes long time to learn and edit codes. Moreover, you can easily check all the data from Google Tag Manager on Google Analytic page. His message is clear - learn GTM, use GTM, practice with protos, and write actionable specs. You can luckily check the presentation slides at http://www.slideshare.net/petskratt/. Well, he offers another option if you feel you are not capable of using Google Tag Manager by yourself. It is simple, just hire him.

During the event there was also an opportunity to listen to a great idea about one project called “Usab.ly” by an ambitious young student from Tallinn University - Vitaliy Lakusta. Why did he share the idea of the project? Because he wanted to get valuable feedback and insights from the UX community. The idea of the project is one website which interprets Google Analytics data in terms of usability with metrics, and enables to evaluate usability of users’ website and suggest how to improve usability. If you are interested in what is going on with Usab.ly, then check this blog out. https://webusabilityoptimizer.wordpress.com/

After the breathtaking presentations, the participants had spent awesome time to interact with others. During the time, many participants gave Vitaliy Lakusta helpful feedback on his project. We are sure that everyone enjoyed the event and hopefully will utilise knowledge, which they got through the event.

Related to usability, there will be several interesting events UX people cannot miss. Tallinn University is going to host events on May 15, Global Accessibility Awareness Day and November 13, World Usability Day. Several UX-related events will happen again at Garage48 HUB in March, July and September.

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