Students from Tallinn University of Technology visited Garage48HUB

November 28, 2013
Some days ago a group of students from Tallinn University of Technology visited Garage48Hub. It was part of the course in entrepreneurship – and around 40 students from different countries who are registered to this course were there. Me as their humble teacher set up this visit – and I do not regret this experiment at all! :)

It was great to get out of the ordinary classroom – and dive into the real hub of entrepreneurship in Estonia. We heard the story of the Hub and got to know more about the opportunities it provides. Students were also given a surprise-task: to actually make a business pitch of the business ideas they work with during this semester. Only 12-15 minutes for preparation – well, in the real life you might not even have that much for proper preparations. :)

From the students’ questions and from our discussions later on I could really see that they got quite an inspiration from this visit. There are actually few of them who are thinking of eventual joining the Hub. :)

I believe this was a great example of how academic world can benefit from the touch points with the business environment. And I truly hope that perhaps this visit could have added just a little bit of motivation for some of the students to start their own companies for real in the future.

Deniss Ojastu

Tallinn University of Technology Lecturer

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