Rails Girls Make Technology World More Accessible For Girls

March 11, 2012
Rails Girls in Tallinn is over and we have inspired 30 shiny-eyed girls to become a programmer. Or if not really a coder, they still have their first web application to show and they know what's "string", "array", "hash" and HTML, CSS, jQuery, API and many other weird words and acronyms. With the event Skype, Garage48 Startup HUB and Rails Girls opened a tech field to the girls in Estonia!
The interest towards programming workshop only for girls was amazing. 120 girls applied, out of which 30 ladies, absolute beginners in programming got selected. 

Most of the participants admitted that they only submitted their application because it was for exclusively for girls. Web industry is dominated by males and girls do not dare to go to the boys playground, specially if they are just the beginners at tech field. At the same time many web users are females and in many cases girls are the ones, who produce the content in the web and reasons to understand the back-stage are many.

Unique event for the girls

Rails Girls is unique event aiming to bring together local startup and tech community, experienced coaches and beginner girls. It's practical workshop, aiming to realize one simple web application starting from installing programming kit into your computer until the designed web application. All day is supported by the coaches and girls can ask what ever they want about programming. There are no stupid questions.

Every girl got the application up and running and were really excited about that. It is obvious, that nobody becomes programmer in just 12 hours, but the first step is done. The reason, why Rails Girls involves local organizer as Garage48 HUB and local coaches is to provide following support for the girls, who are interested to take their learning further.

Beside workshop, girls had fun as well, got to know new people and listened lightning talk by ladies in tech field. Grete Napits from Skype was telling about her story becoming a female in male dominated tech world, about her years in Skype and why girls are better software developers than boys. Janika Liiv, one of the coaches compared developing software application with creative writing and gave useful tips for creating your own app.

All the girls were happy about the chance to peak into programmers world and many of ask for more. Facebook group is already created to involve beginners on Ruby on Rails and get help by experienced coaches online. There will definitely be follow up meetups and there's always a chance to take part of other geek events around. You should keep an eye on Startup HUB events.

And finally, there will be another Rails Girls event in Tallinn. Most probably end of Summer or Autumn.

Thank you!

Half of the startup events would not happen, if there wouldn't be Skype. Garage48 is happy to have Skype on board since the beginning and now also contributing to Garage48 Startup HUB development and events. There are currently 72 females working for Skype Estonia and company asks for more! If there's a lady looking for place in male dominated tech world, then you should look the positions in Skype. Need a female insight, contact Grete ;) Thank you, Skype, for making Rails Girls in Tallinn happen! 

We truly had top guys in their field as coaches: Andri Möll (themoll.com), Priit Haamer (Edicy), John W. Fail (Ptarmigan), Mihkel Sokk (Desk Rock), Marek Tihkane (GrabCAD), Janika Liiv (Toggl), Laas Toom (blog.laaz.org), Kevin Valdek (Cannedapps). Best coaches in the world, thank you!

Thank you Linda Liukas and Rails Girls team!

Girls, you can do it!

If you couldn't take part of the event, you shouldn't worry. There's what you can do:

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