June 09, 2015

LIVE CHARITY AUCTION for Garage48 HUB was taken place on June, the 4th. Thank you all for supporting and for helping to raise 1449€ EUR + 65 EUR with lottery. All the money will be used for renovating our startup community centre!

The live charity auction was hosted by Peeter Nieler. People had a unique opportunity to purchase amazing historic items and truly memorable experiences donated by famous #EstonianMafia startup founders. All the funds will be used to shape up Garage48 HUB as this year is the 5th year anniversary of the startup community centre.

Here is the list of the goods sold at the auction:

  1. Breakfast with the founder of Teleport and T-shirt donated Sten Tamkivi  “Place Scout for Startup People” - 51 EUR

  2. Chinese copy of Click & Grow’s smart herb garden donated by Click & Grow “take complete care of your herbs and flowers without the hassle of growing plants the regular way” - 45 EUR

  3. 2 hours of private badminton lesson donated by Karin Rand, the COO of Garage48 HUB and the founder of Saldo RMP OÜ - 35 EUR

  4. Original product sketch of VR prototype and lunch donated by Peeter Nieler, founder of Criffin “Making Virtual Become Reality” - 30 EUR

  5. Piece of electrical board, power regulator and monitor, of satellite’s prototype donated by Jaanus Kalde from ESTCube-1, the first Estonian satellite - 75 EUR

  6. One night personal driver donated by Taxify “Taxis at the push of a button” - 30 EUR

  7. Piece of prototype, radio module, donated by Criffin - 15 EUR

  8. Orienteering event in Northern Estonia donated by Funderbeam, “help angels and entrepreneurs discover, benchmark, and analyse startups at a low cost” - 65 EUR

  9. Draw portrait of you or someone for you donated by Helen Kokk, lead designer and co-founder of Made By, UX/UI Digital Design Agency - 80 EUR

  10. Box of 12 house beers donated by Hopster “Printable grocery coupons” - 45 EUR

  11. Small doll donated by Kratid, inactive startup from the first Garage48 event in 2010 - 40 EUR

  12. T-shirt and mug cup made for investors and book ”The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made” with signature of Hardi Meybaum, the author, and Aleksander Tõnnisson, CEO of Buildit, donated by Buildit, hardware accelerator - 40 EUR

  13. Yoga session with international team donated by Jobbatical “connecting top talent to employers for short term gigs” - 25 EUR

  14. Logo paint donated by Aplefly Games, indie game development studio - 125 EUR

  15. Startup coaching and lunch donated by Jüri Kaljundi, founder of Weekdone “weekly progress reports, OKR software and internal communication for team collaboration” - 60 EUR

  16. Organic wine donated by Rubik’s Solutions, mobile innovation agency - 25 EUR

  17. Private salsa lesson and lunch donated by Maarika Susi, Customer Success manager at Pipedrive and sales & partnerships manager and event organizer at Garage48 - 45 EUR

  18. Adventurous game for team building donated by Sport ID ”make your employees more fit and productive!” - 300 EUR

  19. Book “Viimased viisteist aastat” with signature of the author, Priit Salumaa and his private reading donated by Priit Salumaa, co-founder of Garage48, Mooncascade and MobileMonday - 50 EUR

  20. T-shirt with signature of founder donated by Testlio, Test management service & test case management tool - 10 EUR

  21. Key Value, stating ”NO ASSHOLES NO BITCHES” donated by Transferwise - 80 EUR

  22. 3 hours yacht trip with VitalFields donated by CEO Martin Rand, farm management software - 120 EUR

  23. Hard copy poster of blog piece with signature donated by Toggl - 38 EUR

During the auction, people enjoyed Improgrupp Jaa!’s improvisational theatre. Don’t worry, you can watch their performance also here on YouTube. In the end there was also unique lottery and some lucky people got ticket for manicure and pedicure, Exit Room and so on.

If you missed the auction this time, please wait for another several years.:)

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