Developer wanted for Happy Gifts!

May 30, 2014

All developers, who have long wanted to give back to the world should now take action. Happy Gifts wants to develop an e-commerce platform, where socially responsible companies and factories have an opportunity to make their values more visible through putting their stocks or special items/services to Happy Gifts platform, with the aim to collect donations for charities. Users can buy items, but instead of giving the money to a company, they make a donation in the name of one of the charities that have joined with our system.

To make the donation platform user-firendly and valuable, there are 6 main pages needed to develop:

1. Home

  • Charity information and product Gallery.
  • Header and footer is the same in all pages.
  • Header – logo, slogan, navigation bar, search box.

2. Charities

  • Charity information (picture, story).
  • Logos - names appear on hovering over them.
  • Clicking on the logo will open the image and story (text).
  • Product Gallery same as Home page

+ separate page for every charity

3. Products

  • Logos - names appear on hovering over them
  • Random selection of the products (image and text), buy button. Price Option (dropdown).
  • Product Gallery same as Home page
  • You can share page via FB

+ separately page for every product

 4. About

  • Static page with a picture and text.
  • Contact details

5. Blog

  • Organizations can write, share information about what they have done with the money,
  • thank and communicate with donors.
  • Users can’t add comments.
  • Media coverage.

6. Cart and check out page

  • Saves transactions made during the active session, no user account.
  • Payment via bank link and / or invoice 
  • Step-by-step check out.


Contact for additional information:

Piret-Klea Velleste +372 5036009

Kristiina Kerge +372 56566592


Powerd by: Garage 48

Taking part of: SEIKU

The current webpage:


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