Financial Management For Startups

April 17, 2013
Thanks to Juan Sáenz-Diez, Garage48 visitors had a chance to get smarter at financial management in their startups. Juan talked about the basic concepts of economics and accounting of a firm, using intuitive concepts and images, a few basic concepts related to value creation and the venture capital investment process. Sounds complicated? Juan made all clear for us in his lecture at Garage48 HUB.
He started with the question why financial management for startups and went on with the balance between Finance and Accounting. Juan says that "accounting is the past of your company while finance is the future which creates value, therefore they are mutually important." After introducing us the basic concepts of accounting and finance, Juan also shared the list of sins of finance world which startups should stay away and answered the questions of the HUB crowd. 

Juan Sáenz-Diez, CFA, MBA, was a technology entrepreneur himself, and has been involved in the financial of small and medium enterprises since 2006 in Silicon Valley. He is now a partner at Atomm in Madrid, an alternative financing advisory firm. He has teaching and mentoring experience at IE Business School, UEIA social accelerator and among others. 

Event was sponsored by Credit24 

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