Garage48: a launchpad to start-up life!

August 13, 2013
Mari Raudsepp first found out about Garage48 earlier this year and participated in Garage48 Kiev event where she met Ukrainian developers Igor and Bogdan and launched myTips - interactive on-screen tutorials for complex interfaces. After the event Mari joined Garage48 team as HUB manager where she had a chance to get inside the vibrant start-up world. Soon after she pitched myTips in front of investors in Seedcamp Tallinn event and Latitude59 conference. Now myTips team is fully focusing on their product and ready to rock! 
By Mari Raudsepp, COO & Co-Founder of myTips, outgoing Garage48 HUB manager 
I first found out about Garage48 in the beginning of this year and in April I decided to participate in  
the Garage48 hackathon in Kiev. At the event I met with Igor and Bogdan and together we created  
myTips. myTips is a tool that helps companies to easily create tutorials and step-by-step walk-throughs with just a few clicks and without any coding skills needed. At Garage48 event we were able to validate our main idea and create a prototype for it and we won the first place!     

After the event we kept on working on the idea, at first I thought that it would take some time to grow prototype into a start-up, so I went to work as a manager at the Garage48 HUB. And I loved it! All the residents  are really friendly and they make you feel very welcome and homely. All the events that we have are really instructive and you get to learn so-so much! I even know a thing or two about writing a code now! :) It is like a whole new world that I hadn’t discovered before.  

Even though I really love it at the HUB, my own company myTips has found it’s wings and is taking off   really fast. We pitched our product at Seedcamp Talllinn event and Latitude59 conference where we got two prizes as favourite of the audience. With the positive feedback from peers, investors and beta users we are event more confident that our product will be successful. And that’s why I have to focus my energy on myTips and I have to leave the HUB.   

Garage48 HUB is one of the best places where I have ever worked and I can recommend it to anyone  
who wants to be in the start-up world, get a lot of experience and meet amazing new people. 
I am really sad to leave, but more than grateful for the time I have spent here. Big thanks to  
everybody who has made me feel so at home! :) 

Check out the opportunity to become the new Garage48 HUB manager here!

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