Äripäev: Garage48 HUB "full house"

January 26, 2012
Startups from Estonia and elsewhere have discovered Garage48 HUB inspiring place to come by, meet and work. Resident desks are sold out and it's busy also downstairs, where part timers hang out.
Yesterday we had developers and startup entrepreneurs from Finland, Ukraine, Latvia, Costa Rica, US and Estonia. It was not event any popular HUB event. People just drop by to (net)work. There are no resident desks, but if you are interested to join Estonian startup community, see Estonian startup events happening at Garage48 HUB and see part-time option to hang out here.
Take a look at the pictures from yesterday's "full house" from Äripäev Online.

Garage48 HUB - coworking space and community center for the startup people. Photo by Raul Mee
Garage48 HUB - startups' coworking space, event center and community house, by Raul Mee

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