Garage48 HUB opens on 1st of December 2010

November 23, 2010
Garage48 HUB is a new and exciting open office space in central Tallinn for creative, tech and entrepreneurial people not just from Tallinn, but all around Estonia, Europe and beyond.
It's a community space reflecting the creativity and global outlook of tech startups. Our HUB is affordable and easily accessible, a great environment to bring together the right people in one place. We're located in recently renovated Lutheri Quarter in central Tallinn, where there is already a mix of tech and media companies.

Garage48 has always been about innovating and doing things quickly. We got the idea to start the HUB in mid-November. We shared the idea among Garage48 Facebook community, our friends and other startup founders and received very positive feedback. As a results, we pulled off the project and will open Garage48 HUB already on 1st of December 2010, only 2 weeks from the initial idea.

The HUB has already already 15 founding community members, most of them will become residents. We have received numerous other applications and e-mails from interested people all around Estonia. We expect to have at least 50 members within few month. We are open to new memberships, your ideas and feedback and also companies interested in supporting the initiative.

Come and join us at the HUB,

Martin and Ragnar
Co-Founders of HUB

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