Garage48 X-Mas Party

December 17, 2010
Garage48 have had an amazing year - 2 events in Estonia and opening the HUB. Time to look back on the year, hear feedback from Garage48 teams and make plans for 2011. Of course some glögg, piparkoogid and networking are part of the event. Agenda and registration in Facebook page. Invite your fellow HUB members and Garage48 teams. Read short notes from Garage48 teams...
Few quotes from Twitter during #Garage48 X-Mas party.
  • @kratt_ruudi still working on new website version and manufacturing, launching during 2011, hopefully ;)
  • @teller: #garage48 has big plans in Africa and with open data projects in Estonia. Great stuff.
  • @CashMuse releasing beta in 4-6 weeks. Join their FB or Twitter feed to follow. GoGo for new team members!
  • @defoliodesign has angel investor, plans to get 1st full time developer from January. Project boost and still alive!
  • @TagCloudCard is 2.0 beta release early January, supporting Estonian banks and Paypal. 1-click random business cards
  • @Quotista aims 20K daily unique visitors and €70K annual sales for YE2011. Going to win Ajujaht! GoGoGo!
  • @wannalunch is dead. Any volunteers to restart and build the project? Contact core team :)

All team presentations received lots of feedback, push to launch product ASAP and very active discussions.

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