Girls Start To Code - Rails Girls in Tallinn

February 22, 2012
Rails Girls will be finally in Tallinn! World famous programming workshop exclusively for girls will take place on March 10, 2012 at Garage48 Startup HUB in Tallinn, Estonia.  This one day event aims to bring girls to technology, providing a great experiences for ladies with no programming experience on building a working web application.

Rails Girls events are organized all over the world, from Shanghai to Berlin and Garage48 HUB is happy to organize it first time in Tallinn. 

About the event

Rails Girls is truly meant for girls with no previous programming experience. You just need to be passionate about what you do and interested in technology.

Picture by Mattias Korhonen

The event actually starts already on Friday, March 9 evening with getting to know each other and setting up your computers for programming.

Saturday, March 10 is full day of interesting presentations and practical workshops. In addition to the great speakers, experienced coaches will guide you trough the day and help you to build your first web application. The day will end with afterparty. 


See more detailed agenda and more information on Rails Girls in Tallinn event page.

Show some girly passion about innovation and technology and apply for the Rails Girls in TallinnThe number of attendees is limited!

Contact the team for more information.

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