’'Google has definitely discovered a new country for themselves’’ - thoughts by Martin Omander at Lunch Talk Special.

August 06, 2012
On Friday, Garage48 HUB hosted a Special lunch talk for all the tech-enthusiasts, with IT-giant Google’s engineer Martin Omander. Not just a standard Q&A type of talk, but also a Google Drive demo and know-how of app-marketing was shown by the adept himself.
‘’Google Device and Google Marketplace has become one of the most important output for the company nowadays,’’ he pointed out: ‘’ not only has the market increased tremendously with last year, but it has also become most profitable for Google.’’

These pointed out facts gave a good glimpse why Google has started to prioritize the development in that field and step-up their interest in new regions.
‘’I just have to say, WOW! Estonia has truly blown my mind’’ he talked with a great surprise:’’ we in Google had no real idea how big can this start-up community be. It has exceeded all our expectations and now we can actually comprehend somewhat the potential that the country has.’’

Expanding Google’s developers community to places like Estonia was also another reason for Martin’s visit. At the moment they are looking for a person who is a fan of Google technology and enthusiastic enough to become an actual initiator and founder of Google Developers group in Estonia. If you feel that this is something that interests you, read more from the developers group site or contact Martin directly at momander@google.com

 Martin Omander is a Google’s engineer and works with developers by helping them to integrate the apps to Google Apps Marketplace. Also he is a member  of  Googles Developers Group in Silicon Valley



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