Grow Your Startup with Export: How to Get the Most out of Google

April 21, 2015

Why do you choose Finland and UK as the next markets? It’s time to stop using assumptions and utilize Google tools for your business.

Didzis Vilcans, Google Analytical Lead in Baltics gave an fascinating workshop to teach how to use Google tools to make businesses more successful at Garage48 HUB on April 15.

What do you think when you hear that 92% of people are not interested in a product such as tongue cleaner? Many people think that they should not go with this product. However, actually 8% is a big enough market in this internet age. Hal Varian, Google Chief Economist, said that “the early 21st will be the age of the micro multinational: small companies that operate globally”. It can be applied not only to disruptive product or service but also to traditional industry. An example, a flour company has increased sales by introducing online store, clearly shows that internet helps any business to expand the market.

For those who believe in the idea of micro multinational company, he introduced Google tools which help your business to expand to new market.

Global Market Finder - helps you identifying potential export markets.

Google Trends - helps you spotting trends.

Consumer Barometer - helps you researching consumer behavior related to internet.

Google AdWords - helps you reaching customers in all stages: awareness, consideration and decision. If you cannot / do not want to do by yourself.

Google Partners connects you with qualified online marketing agencies. You can also find learning resources here.

Google Analytics - helps you analyse results. You can learn how to use it at Analytics Academy.

What he emphasised is that you should act as soon as possible since most probably there are many people who have the same idea. Keep in mind that the number of the internet users is estimated to grow from 3 to 7 billion so that 1% of the world population will soon mean 70 million people in the world. Do you still think 1% is a small market to start business?

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