HUB Office Hours - new event series at Garage48HUB

October 17, 2011
Every week we will invite one investor, entrepreneur, founder, geek, guru or top specialist on his/her field to meet startups face to face. These people have agreed to come to Garage48HUB and give your startups a hard push. It’s not long time mentoring program, but one time chance to discuss your startup with someone really experienced. If you like each other, you can continue the discussions later.
The agenda of the meeting is for you to figure out. It might be asking for advice, learning from the best, doing product demo to get feedback, getting introductions or whatever you need that mentor could possible deliver. Just give it a try!

In order to get the spot to meet our mentors on a private meeting you need to convince us you are the best match. Write us at about:
  • What’s your project all about and current status (URL or short PDF presentation)?
  • Your plan and challenges for next 1-3 month?
  • What kind of problems you have where our mentor could help?
There is new mentor every week and HUB Office Hours takes place different time each week, but you can be sure, it happens!

Follow our HUB events calendar to see upcoming mentors and office hours. Follow events happening in Estonia @Garage48HUB on Twitter or /Garage48HUB in Facebook, keep an eye on the Estonian Startup Events calendar.

Garage48 HUB Office Hours are financed trough Enterprise Estonia (EAS) by European Social Fund (ESF).

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