Kate Edwards: Succeeding in the Game Industry

May 07, 2013
We hosted Kate Edwards, the executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), at Garage48 HUB. Kate talked about her long experience in the game industry, the current trends and shared tips on how to succeed.
"I am a gamer who became geographist", Kate says about her background and she adds it is not necessarily developers or designers who work in the game industry but also historians, sociologists or geographists like her who love games.  

Before joining IGDA, Kate was a geopolitical strategist for Microsoft and a consultant at her company Englobe, a Seattle-based consultancy firm that helps companies like Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Google shape their interactive media to suit different cultures around the world. Kate points out that 50% of the whole industry of gaming is actually localization operations. She also founded the IGDA Game Localization special interest group. Kate considers global impact of a game is the part where localization and culturalization come in; e.g. how a Korean game became so popular in Turkey.

Kate tells us "I love being around creative people" and "video games are collaboratively developed piece of art; like film-making so many creative people aiming a product that they can be proud." But she also adds that one of keys how to succeed is creating phenomena; like Nintendo's Pokemon or recent Angry Birds games.

Kate says that she believes in community aspects and importance of collaborative community in independent game development, therefore, she is simply pleased that IGDA is opening its Estonian Chapter.
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