Lesson Learned: Mika Peltola from Brazil on Entrepreneurship

May 15, 2013
Garage48 HUB hosted Mika Peltola, a Finnish entrepreneur living and working near Rio De Janeiro. We talked about life, entrepreneurship and start-ups in Brazil from a Nordic point of view.
After completing his higher education in Philosophy, Mika has built an impressive career in tech companies and startups, having been managing director of Razorfish and Spray in Helsinki and afterwards selling his games-on-demand start-up G-Cluster to Softbank Broadband. Mika says that "I am a Web 1.0 guy", so he has been in the business for long time. He has also lived for years in Estonia and considers that he has a special connection with the country. 
"Why Brazil?", the curious HUBbers ask; Mika explains it is because of his lifelong passion in Brazilian culture and adds that there are also bad sides of the country but in general it is a lovely place of deeply human people who essentially values human contact. Nowadays, Mika is busy with consulting different American and European IT companies for getting into the Brazilian market and revitalizing a 19th century coffee mansion near Rio de Janeiro.

Mika points out many different aspects of large, young but domestic-oriented Brazilian market; such as socioeconomic gap in society, power of television and importance of using Portuguese language. These are the aspects shaping the Brazilian start-up scene; yet changing with effect young and dynamic population. Events like World Cup 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games are also changing business scene in the country by accelerating infrastructure investments, especially in telecommunication field, Mika says.

Mika agrees that Start-Up Chile is quite inspiring for Latin American start-up scene and there are also good accelerators came up in Brazil such as Aceleradora and 21212.com. He also adds that "after all, there is some need of local cooperation or local coworkers due to bureaucratic, legal and cultural challenges." Mika considers Brazilian not being good at developing or designing but rather great at marketing and social media; unlike the Finns or the Estonians. Jüri adds "maybe it is the reason why it is easier for Finns or Estonians to manage B2B products." 
You can follow Mika vis his Twitter or his mansion's Facebook.
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