Morning with pitches and ideas from Ottavio Cambieri and Zahhar Kirillov

July 26, 2013
This Tuesday morning has been exceptional for the Garage48 HUB team - morning with 2 incredible speakers: Ottavio (speaking about his Mash Machine) and Zahhar (team building lessons), followed by pitches and business-ideas created by the teams.

Ottavio Cambieri- the inventor of the Mash machine - introduced  his unique invention allowing users to mix up different tunes depending on their  taste and preferences. The easy-to-use machine doesn’t require any special skills in order to be used, which makes is a perfect solution for event agencies and private companies. After a short intro the participants were allowed  to interact and explore the machine to satisfy their natural curiosity. At present, the patent is the only one in its nature, leaving Ottavio a perspective and unexplored market.

Next speaker- Zahhar Kirillov- analysed 7 basic team building myths which sometimes prevent companies from success. Breaking the stereotypes about team building and team working, Zahhar gave a valuable insight and useful tips for future entrepreneurs and employers/employees. Having an impressive background of working with different people and on different projects, Zahhar has definitely got a lot of knowledge to share with ambitious young people.

After the short talks and discussions of the topics, each of the young participants had their “15 minutes of fame”  introducing their own startup ideas and thoughts. Being given an instant feedback from the speakers and organisers,  young people had a chance to critically analyse their own creations and think of ways of improving it.

We thank Ottavio and Zahhar for coming and sharing their experience and knowledge and we wish the very best of luck to young people on their way to success! 

To see pictures from the event click Here!

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