Oleg Pridiuk: "There's not much to talk about startups in Baltic"

August 02, 2012

Unity Technologies technical evangelist Oleg Pridiuk described the startup scene in Baltic countries as "in the cave mode" and because of that, there's not much to talk about.

"Its mostly about guys sitting in different corners and not showing their work to anyone. That's a cave mode and it's not good. I want to change that," said Oleg, who is a mentor in the first Europe's game accelerator program GameFounders. The Estonian based program is built upon sharing competence, access to partnership deals, network and provides seed funding up to 15,000 euros.

In Oleg's opinion, from the three Baltic states Estonia’s initiatives are more active. He adds that there's also a difference in the focus areas, as estonians are more involved in IT projects, whereas lithuanians are more active in the consumer sector. "The next step is to unite Baltic states and neighboring countries. Hopefully in 2-3 years our three countries will move Europe."

Oleg Pridiuk from Unity spoke at Garage48 HUB weekly event Lessons Learned, that is a series of lunch talks where a startupper or investor talks about his/her experiences in doing business. The events run at lunch-o-clock from 12:30 – 2:00 PM every Wednesday. You show up, have lunch with us and get to hear what the speaker has to say.

Unity Technologies is revolutionizing the game industry with Unity, a development platform for creating games and interactive 3D, like training simulations and medical and architectural visualizations, on the web, iOS, Android, consoles and beyond.

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