Practice Makes A Perfect Pitch!

January 18, 2015

On this Thursday, Garage48 HUB hosted an event ”Practice Makes A Perfect Pitch!” hosted together with Credit24. The goal of the event was to get more comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. 

The event started at 18:00 with cosy atmosphere, having about 15 attendees including marketers, designers, CEOs of startups, and everyone who was willing to improve their public speaking skill. During the event, some proactive and energetic people with magnificent ideas stood in front of the audience and pitch their heart out. The presenters and their projects are as below.

Ronald Liive

 “GlamCall”- crowd sourced on-demand beauty services connecting home beauticians with clients.

Viljo Kase

“Healthy Chocolate”- chocolates, which make people feel relaxed,enhance concentration, and improve sexual performance

 There was a lot of useful feedback from the audience, and some tips should be highlighted since they will help anyone who will pitch in the future:

  1. Say your name first
  2. Show confidence
  3. Choose every single one word carefully to give positive impression
  4. Avoid mentioning negative information
  5. Be precise and careful with stats/numbers/data/evidence
  6. Make explanation easy and short (eg. “technically not complicated => “simple””)
  7. Emphasize why the service/product is demanded

Those who pitched at the event successfully brushed up their skill to deliver their projects by getting feedback from the audience, and even those who did not pitch were also sure to learn a lot of things.

Garage48 HUB will wait to see you in the next event “Who needs investors?” on 27th of January starting at 18:00. 

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