Rails Girls is back in town and getting more women excited about programming

August 22, 2012
On 15th of September the Rails Girls movement is back in Tallinn and the local ladies, women and girls have the chance to dip their toes into the world of programming and Ruby on Rails.
Register here till 24th of August! 
 The Rails Girls movement has conquered the world by storm, with events taking place in about 20 countries and even more cities amongst them Helsinki, Singapore, Warsaw, Berlin, Washington, Tokyo and of course for the second time around - Tallinn. The last time Rails Girls visited Tallinn was in march and we got about 120 applications to 30 available places. So don’t miss this out, send your application now! We have extended the period and you have time to apply until 24th of August on our event site at http://railsgirls.com/tallinn
Rails Girls is a one day workshop for building a web application targeted for women with no experience in programming. The event is totally free of charge and community driven, which means it is mainly organized by local tech enthusiasts and programmers. The movement was started in Finland by Karri Saarinen and Linda Liukas and it holds in high regard the concepts of open source and diversity.
Why is the Rails Girls movement important and why should more women get into the tech scene? Linda has put it beautifully in her interview to womenandtechnology.eu “Technology is the future, a part of the big revolution of the years to come and my concern is that this change or transformation is driven only by young boys from California in their early twenties, with a very narrow world-view. I want to see more diversity. I want to see diverse people being able to use these tools to solve their own problems and change the world. Technology for me is a magical, radiant, perspective, an alterning lens of the world.” 
Why we think that Rails Girls is needed or why should you apply? Here are some great and heartwarming reasons written by applicants who want to attend the Tallinn event:
“Can you think something better: 
 - for safe start to pick up new language 
 - to find out the true meaning of the word "framework" 
 - to spend quality time in good company 
 - to gain self-esteem and motivation 
 - experience "@$#*%!" and "Aha! " 
- moments 
 - to have fun
“I am amazed by the mechanics of programming: writing code, and the limitlessness of what can be done with it.”
“I always have had an interest about programming but I have lacked the courage to start getting to know about it because everyone says it's too complicated. I really want to understand the
basics of it. Also I have some ideas in mind for the future which may need some understanding of programming and it would be good to know a little about it before putting those ideas into action.”
“Don't settle, keep looking - Jobs said that and so I hope it's not too late to switch to an area that I learn genuinely interests me. “
“I think it would be interesting for me to start learning something different. I became a chef after High School and I've done it since, but I'm a mother now (single mother) and cooking is not the perfect career choice for people who want to spend more time with their family. ”
“I'm not afraid of the technology, I'd love to know the A-B-C just to be better in everything I do”
“Estonia has huge cap of programmers and it is one of the reasons why it is hard to be attractive to investors to come to Estonia. To have the change in the programming world, we have to start promoting to girls like me. I want to be one of the showcases that girls can handle computers as good as men. I would do a blog about it to really promote it to whole society that we as girls should do programming also. “
“ I have 3 kids and now smallest just went to daycare. I can never get a proper job with 3 small kids. Only way out for me is to become freelancer or entrepreneur building startups.”
“My experience with programming has not been very pleasant, but I do not want to leave it that way. I want to participate in Rails Girls to prove myself that it can be fun, it is easy and I am capable of creating my own applications :)”
“Because I'm at moment learning to be a programmer and I have so little experience. I'm really struggling to be someone among all the boys in my course.”
“That kind of a workshop is exactly what i have been looking for but they are not so easy to find because usually they require some prior knowledge about the subject and is targeted for men. It good to find a workshop for women who are interested in that field but haven’t got a chance to try it out yet.”
“It has been always my dream to give my hand or whole brain to develop something big and powerful but until today I haven’t got a chance to get enough knowledge.”
“ I want to learn to program to gain freedom. For example, it would be great to create prototypes by myself - no need to write them down and ask someone else to program it. And I believe that programming knowledge will improve way how I form ideas and concepts.”
“how, oh how is it possible that you simply write a command and things form visually on your screen?? It has always been one of these things that are amazing yet absolutely imperceptible to me. I think that knowing how to program is a great power, no matter whether one uses it for work or fun. “ 

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