Rupert March: How to Lauch a Hi-Tech Company

March 13, 2013
Rupert March, who is Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) Director in Microsoft CEE region, paid us a visit at Garage48 HUB on Thursday. Rupert talked about general trends of startup companies development and his experience in Microsoft company towards supporting startups and young companies.
Rupert draws a clear picture of how technology has been evolving from disk operating systems to natural user interfaces, such as touch screens, through GUI, internet and client cloud technologies. He adds that next step of evolution will be artificially intelligent technologies which will be "working on your behalf" rather than "working at your command" since those technologies assume that we want to collaborate and there is always a next step.

Rupert also shares some interesting facts about startups such as more than half of companies on 2009 Fortune 500 list were launched during recession period by people with quite mixed background, not necessarily having great experiences and feeling the insight. He lists important aspects of being an entrepreneur as having self awareness, making partnerships, having balance between science and business and being confident in yourself and colleagues. Being open is inevitable, Rupert says. In order to keep up the pace with technological evolution, developing collaborative strategies with different startups and young companies has become essential for Microsoft.

Rupert has worked for Microsoft over 10 years and covered different positions. He has also worked in Compaq in the past. Rupert is a business development and marketing guru. 

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