Sell actively, sell globally by Vitaly Yanko from MyCommerce

August 01, 2013
Many thanks to Moscow Vitaly Yanko, the director of MyCommerce and guru of global business, for visiting the Hub with an interesting talk.

Having a 5-year experience in e-commerce business behind him, Vitaly Yanko shared his knowledge and experience focusing on global sales of digital products. MyCommerce is a part of the Digital River company, which is mainly dealing with building e-commerce websites for software publishers and online retailers via 31 offices around the globe. The company is engaged in provision of self-service e-commerce platforms, targeting small and medium businesses through digital content electronic delivery (such as downloadable software, online content, subscription services plus software licensing).

Going global, according to Vitaly’s views, is quite a time-consuming process demanding  experience and know-how of running business. During his 1-hour presentation Vitaly introduced several tips for going global (e.g. related with marketing, localisation, service level and monetization) and running an e-commerce business using cost-effective methods. Moreover, Vitaly demonstrated some practical implementations of his proposed methods through study of several cases of entering foreign markets (e.g. firewall security provider Agnitum Ltd entering the Middle East market).

“It is crucial”, stresses Vitaly, “to find a niche market when going global.”

During the Q&A’s part it appeared that despite being almost 24/7 occupied businessman, Vitaly remains very lively and interested person, who is ready to take up new challenges of tomorrow and is open to new experiences whilst being ready to share his know-how with the rest of people interested in business.

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