Seminar "From the accelerators to raising money in the US"

July 19, 2011
July 26, 2011 at 18:00 2nd seminar on world famous startup accelerators and how to raise money in the US at Garage48 HUB. Insights and real-life experiences is shared by different startup people and insiders from accelerators.

This time LIVE on the stage  (or on the screen) @Garage48HUB GrabCAD, StartupHighway, TechStars for designers and Ignite100. 

Bobber bike-1 by Terry Stonehocker on

Bobber bike-1 by Terry Stonehocker on


16:30 Gathering, getting to know, co-working, tour de HUB.
18:00 Speakers session 20:00 Closing and networking
20:00 Closing and networking 


Hardi Maybaum, CEO of GrabCAD. GrabCAD is free 3D CAD models sharing site and latest Estonian startup success story. Hardi will talk about road from Seedcamp and TechStars up to raising money in the US.

Indre Milukaite and Rokas Tamošiūnas, founders of StartupHighway, brand new startup accelerator in Vilnius, Lithuania, will share their experience starting a startup program in the Baltics. Who, why and how could apply to StartupHighway (application deadline is 15th of Aug.)?

Liis Peetermann* went to Techstars New York as designer of all startups. What it is like to be non-hacker and non-startup at Techstars?

Jon Bradford* is running Ignite100, which is a new UK based startup accelerator with the £100,000 difference. They just closed the application round and Jon will talk about what's gonna happen next and what's the difference. 

*via Skype video call

Seminar is free of charge for everyone, but non-members are expected to leave 5 for the good cause into our bucket ;)

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