Social Media Marketing Strategies by Rode Luhaäär

July 16, 2013
Rode Luhäär,  a coordinator of Deveton Mobile, gave an enlightening marketing seminar at our HUB . He introduced various new ways of getting the word out through different social media channels and as a bonus, he added a touch of humor to the session.

Many projects, like “Teeme ära” and “Rat Race” were marketed under Rode’s lead. Being a great fan of the field, he has succeeded to create digital solutions to brands, like L´oreal, Swedbank, Viru Keskus. Clients from the USA to Dubai and even Kenya have used his ideas to make their companies more attractive online. 

“Search results and your webpage give the first impression to the customer” was Rode’s description of the importance of being visible on Google and social media platforms. As well as introducing different strategies on different platforms, he added his view on social media marketing, describing it like online PR. 

After graduating Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences he has given many lectures and seminars about marketing at his own university, as well as others in Estonia.  Still, with his many projects, he has had time to spread out his ideas at highly recognized conferences and also smaller seminars and sessions.

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