Start-Up Chile - Latin Way of Rocking Start-up World

March 14, 2013
WiseGuys start-uper, Start-Up Chile alumni and just a crazy guy called Felipe from startup Biletu came to Garage48 HUB to share his wisdom and experience how awesome is to live half year in Chile and to be part of the Start-Up Chile accelerator. He followed step by step how to apply and what things to be concerned about to blow the judges mind.
Felipe lists what Start-Up Chile, one of its kind in the world, offers under 5 points: 1 year Chilean visa, $40,000, great Chilean hospitality, Latin American networking, a unique cultural experience. He adds that Start-Up Chile is a great networking opportunity not only in Latin America, but in whole world since it enables you to attend conferences, summits or that sort of events all around the world and then Felipe shows his photo with Steve Wozniak. 

Felipe also points out that how Start-Up Chile contributes positively to the image of Chile regarding that media giants like CNN, BBC, the Economist, and so forth regularly make news about Start-Up Chile. They have also inspired a similar movement in Brazil. Start-Up Chile is not only an start-up organization but a family of people coming from over 60 countries, Felipe says. There are meetings everyday, different events to socialize and parties. They have around 100 start-up projects for per each batch, carefully selected from thousands of applications.    

Start-Up Chile is governmentally supported accelerator that gives $40,000 with no equity in return. Next 6 month long batch will start in July but the application round will start soon. You can check their web page here for information or contact for any further questions!

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