Startup Community Paying It Forward And Boosting Sliptree

April 19, 2012
We have one great startup that needs little help from hackers. There are many startups around and we have picked some, which has cool founders, big potential and have already taken first steps. Sometimes they miss a little to take the next bigger step and get things really going. So we started event series "Startup Community - Paying it Forward". First company we help will be Sliptree (formerly Ranits), a project started at Garage48 event.

We believe in pay it forward culture in the startup ecosystem and this is great opportunity for people in the community to make great difference with little effort at one evening. First team to hack we have selected is Sliptree (formerly Ranits).

About the team

Sliptree (formerly Ranits) is Garage48 team from Tallinn event in 2011. The idea back then was to create magic solution to solve all the problems of small and medium size companies related to billing, CRM, project management and thousand of other things. 

Judges didn't think it's good idea and they didn't win any prize. As you must know, it's not about the prize, it's about passion to do a startup. They kept on working with the idea and went trough countless interviews with SMEs. The main question to be answered was, where's the pain? What's the minimum viable product they need to focus on. 

They realized that only activity bringing money in is billing. Usually, despite of outsourced accountancy, this is something which is taken care of internally and many businesses still do that with Excel. What if there would be eas-to-use, nicely designed, multilingual billing service with cool additional features? 

Software, which is designed for small business owner and managers, who does not necessarily understand all the details of accounting and have outsourced it, but who loves to send out invoices. MVP was born.

About the event

We will get together at 6PM and have 8 hours to hack. We need to deliver what's aimed. If it is MVP live, then we it's MVP live without any excuse. Like in any startup. Lean and mean. Delivering is everything. We have got everything we need for that: talented people, motivated startup, pizza and beer, huge will power and startup energy inside. 

Team will guide you trough the process. They will show, what they have got already and what is needed to be done in order to have MVP live. In 8 hours we will have live pitch over the stream showing, how things work.

We all walk home with great feeling of satisfaction, good experience and knowing we have done something really good for startup.  

Who we need?

Guys at Sliptree have worked a lot to work out most valuable MVP for potential clients and worked with back-end. They lack of design and front-end competence. We need:
  • Design Angel, who can do Photoshop and Illustrator with blind folded. We need you to give Sliptree the kind of looks you want for yourself.
  • Frontend Guru in any browser knowing HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI.
  • Javascript Genius, who play with DOM, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Coffeescript, jQuery and want to work with Javascript frameworks. 
  • PHP Framework Master working with PHP, MVC (preferably Yii Framework), RESTful API. We need you to finish up our API and tell Backbone what’s going on behind the scenes.
  • User-interaction Jedi. We need you to make sure we’re doing it Right.
Sign up on Facebook event and tell on the event wall your skill-set. If you can't do all 8 hours, we might need help for first 6 and you are welcome still to join.

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