1st Pitch&Learn event in Garage48 HUB was a success!

July 25, 2012

Yesterdays Garage48 Pitch & Learn event was a success with more than 50 people stopping by to see pitches being given feedback by the likes of GrabCAD CEO Hardi Meybaum and Ahti Heinla, Skype co-founder and angel investor.

The title of the “best pitch” was given to Marek Maido from Carspa. Marek, who is also the winner of a Finnish networking and matchmaking event MoneyTalks, said that it was good to get feedback. "When we participated MoneyTalks, we didn't get any comments to the quality of our pitch, what was wrong with it or what should we do better," bringing out that they welcome any kind of critical and objective replies, especially because they are just beginning their startup road.

"These events are necessary," emphasized Hardi who himself with his team have raised 6 million dollars from US investors in the last two years. Ahti agreed with Hardi, saying that these events are useful because the pitchers get real and honest feedback. "The general level of presenting ideas in Estonia is mostly poor. And it doesn't matter in which phase you are, whether its a good or a bad pitch, feedback helps everyone," said Ahti, one of four Estonian based founding engineers of Skype.

All together there were four startups standing up in front of 50 people, each having just three minutes to present their business. Besides Hardi and Ahti, here to take time off their schedule and give feedback were CEO of Defendec Jaanus Tamm, serial successful startupper Jüri Kaljundi, ex-investment manager and current startupper Enn Metsar, Estonian Development Fund investment expert Stanislav Ivanov.

Ahti Heinla giving some serious feedback Hardi Meybaum stating the facts

About the pitchers:

  • Jens Kasemets presented Shaka, a wind meter for smartphones that will help to get more out of surf sessions by telling how strong the wind actually is, and lets you to share it with your surf buddies.

  • Marek Maido presented Carspa, a startup that has worked out the concept of unique replaceable carwash building that is fully automatic, economically effective and environment-friendly.

  • Rain Sepp presented an online payments service Sving, a new way to pay online. They aim to make online shopping simpler and easier.

  • Valeria Gasik presented Room for IT, an online service where you can book and pay for meeting rooms online.

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