Startup Sauna in Tallinn

March 06, 2015

Garage48 HUB hosted Startup Sauna in Tallinn on March 4th. 11 local early stage startups participated in the event to receive honest feedback and advice from experienced coaches. BIEX, InsightsForce and Sorry As A Service were chosen as top performers!

The event started from the morning with 11 Estonian startup teams and 7 coaches, who are experienced entrepreneurs and investors, facilitated by Jaakko Hynynen, CEO at Startup Sauna. The problem European startups have is that they just make amazing products/services and do not care about business such as customer and marketing enough. The solution is Startup Sauna! For startups, it is not only to get great feedback and advice about their businesses, but also to get opportunity to be shortlisted for the Startup Sauna acceleration program and eventually to go to Slush 2015, the largest investor event organized in Europe, which takes place November 11-12th in Helsinki.

11 teams pitched their startup businesses in 3 minutes and each team got 3 minutes feedback from coaches. The participated startups are listed below.

1. BIEX - sweat patch to alert athletes of impending overtraining and optimize exercise programming

2. CapIT24 ( - bring together the best landlords and tenants by providing them the right tool kit.

3. Do You Even Lift ( - bringing IoT to fitness

4. Founderbeam ( - before you invest, go beyond the obvious. Put startups under X-ray.

5. Get Brailling ( - chording keyboard add-on that fits on the back side of a mobile phone

6. Hourdini ( - web tool for serious savings in work planning. We help creative businesses with automated scheduling, dynamic pricing and more!

7. InsightsForce ( - app review intelligence and engagement platform

8. Kidzy ( - we make selling pre-loved kids clothes easy and fun!

9. Murul (http://muruldesign/) - you can choose pattern and color separately for your pinted non-waven wallpaper

10. Sorry As A Service ( - we help companies turn customer mistakes into legendary experiences

11. Toitla ( - aiming to become biggest, fastest, easiest and most versatile take away restaurant in the world

As a result of the coaches’ discussion, 8 teams gained great opportunity to have 1on1 coaching round: BIEX, Founderbeam, InsightForce, Sorry As A Service, Get Brailling, Kidzy and CapIT24. The 7 coaches to give feedback and advice to the attending startups were Riku Asikainen, Jaakko Salminen, Jarmo Kuusivuori, Heidi Kakko, Sven Illing, Martin Grüner and Paolo Borella.

Plenty of feedback and advice mainly from the business aspect were provided during the 1on1 coaching round. We would like to share some advice from the coaches, which would be helpful for every early stage startup. “Think again whether your target segment now is the best or not”, “work harder on business model”, “work more on what is your unique value proposition and how to achieve”, “think how to approach to outside of Estonia”, and “do not be general, be specific”.

In the end of the event, top performers were selected by the coaches as following: BIEX, InsightsForce and Sorry As A Service. They will get invited to the Startup Sauna acceleration program held during May in Helsinki.

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