Startup Sauna Warmup in Tallinn

February 28, 2012
Startup Sauna is Helsinki based international startup accelerator involving many startups from Russia, Baltics, Poland and Finland. The accelerator takes no equity, but their companies have already secured 9.4M€ of funding.

Startup Sauna is slightly different than traditional startup accelerators we know. Getting into the program does not dilute your equity. You can still have best mentors support around or as they say, not mentors, but top coaches. Program includes two weeks Silicon Valley trip and meetings with potential clients and investors there. It ends with demo day and possibility to pitch to many investors around the world.

We do not mentor - we coach!

Two Garage48 companies have taken part of the program, Qminder and Campalyst and are most successful Garage48 teams so far. Both got into Seedcamp and taking their startup to the global market.
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Warmup in Tallinn

Date: March 23 from 9AM to 5PM
Venue: Garage48 HUB, Tallinn
Apply here!

Startup Sauna Warmup is about getting into the program, but not only. Day starts with inspirational presentations, continues with pitching, mentoring and networking.

One team from each warmup will be selected and walks away with Startup Sauna ticket in their pocket and 1,500€ to cover the travel costs and accommodation in Helsinki during the program.

In order to take part of the warmup event, you need to apply with your startup. It does not cost anything and does not take anything from you. Nothing to lose, lot to win!

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