Startup Vitamins provides inspiration and motivation for startups - and supports them and Garage48 too!

January 29, 2013
Startup Vitamins is a recently launched project, which offers inspiring posters with sayings from industry leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jason Fried, and more. Garage48 as one of the partners of Startup Vitamins has their own poster as well! :)

Profit from sold posters goes towards supporting various organizations, which develop and bring value to the startup community. Currently profits are split between Garage48 and StartupWeekend, both of which help ideas come to life around the world.

Startup Vitamins aims to provide doses of vitalizing support to startups to help them throughout their development. Posters are created to provide inspiration for startups, reminding them of key aspects of startup success.

Such as Mark Zuckerberg's quote "The trick isn't adding stuff, it's taking away". 

Besides moral support, Startup Vitamins aims to support the startup community monetarily, allocating 5$ from each poster to organizations, which we find bring value to the startup community. Our current supported organizations provide space for ideas to grow into startups.

The need for Startup Vitamins was realized by founder Lauris Liberts, who personally has experienced the ups and downs of developing a startup DraugiemGroup, and felt the need for these professional development reminders. Though this is all available on the internet, the wisdom is buried deep in long blog posts. Lauris aimed at condensing the lesson, and making them easily accessible on posters.

Startup Vitamins currently consists of 11 different posters, but well be regularly updated with more. Updates are sent out via newsletter to those who are subscribed. In addition to the beautifully designed posters available for purchase, Startup Vitamins has a constant stream of other inspirational quotes in their blog.

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