Open Coffee Club Tallinn - regular meetup for tech community

February 03, 2012
Open Coffee Club was initially started to enable better communication between entrepreneurs and VCs. Usually VC-s sit in their fancy offices and entrepreneurs have difficulties to pitch their ideas and get direct feedback. OCC initiative was launched in London by Saul Klein, partner of Index Ventures. Saul wrote a simple blog post in 2007 and the initiative took off really fast. Today OCC is well know technology startup community meetup format around the world.
Estonian OCC was started by blog post from Jüri Kaljundi, entreprenerur and co-founder of Garage48. 1st Open Coffee Club Tallinn meetup took place in December 2007 in Scotland Yard Pub. Then after a while, OCC moved to City Platz in Ülemiste City. From early 2011 OCC meetups moved to Garage48 HUB.

Garage48 HUB is recognized meeting place for startup people and Open Coffee Club Tallinn takes place here every 1st Thursday of a month. You should follow Garage48 HUB events to RSVP for the next one.

1st OCC Tallinn in 2007

It truly is ultimate regular networking event for startup people. We always have 30 to 50 people coming by, including local investors and business angels abroad, entrepreneurs, technical talents and other startup people. As Open Coffee Club is well known networking event around the world, it also attracts lot of foreigners currently in town. Usually we have half of the people, who's attending first time or haven't been here for long time, one third do not speak Estonian, which is great. 

Open Coffee Club Tallinn at Garage48 HUB (Feb 2, 2012)

Everyone is here to meet you. All you need to do is get yourself here and be brave enough to shake hands with people you don't know. Change business cards, try to learn what others are doing, share your business ideas, ask feedback, try to find a job or hire somebody. Sky is the limit! As simple as that!

Keep in mind then: every 1st Thursday at 9AM to 11AM. Join Open Coffee Club Tallinn group on Facebook.

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  • Mike Feb 03

    Great meet up! Incredibly open atmosphere and very interesting people. Indeed a great mix of foreigners, investors, developers and designers to name a few. Highly recommend to check it out!

  • Hannes Feb 22

    Next Open Coffee Club Tallinn already next week, Thursday, March 1 @Garage48HUB. Great guests from Finland expected (TBA)! Wait for updates and RSVP .

  • Raino Raasuke Feb 22

    Hey, About my experience at Garage48 HUB coffee morning.. I visited a great event earlier today and a very good friend of mine suggested me to write a little story about it, so all you guys could feel the vibe and maybe get some motivation to wake up really early in the morning, go outside with minus 100 degrees and drink morning coffee with the legends of Estonian startup scene. I have a small App Development Company, we are developing apps for Apple, Android and Windows Phone. Our goal is to make the company big and recognized. Developing mobile apps is really a hot topic here in Estonia and I couldn't say that it's hard to find clients from here, but my experience this morning was something from a totally new level of business communication. There were over fifty young entrepreneurs and start-uppers, investors and business mentors from Estonia and abroad, all sitting in the same table with you and chatting in a very opened environment. You can only imagine how hard it is to meet this kind of people elsewhere, set meetings with them and approach them in a reliable manner. In Garage 48 Hub events making contacts is easy. In fact, you just have to sit there and smile and people are just coming to introduce themselves and asking about what are you working on. It's because all the people in there have the common interests - to make something happen, to make contacts and work together towards starting something big. Needless to say Estonia is a great place for being a starting entrepreneur, where else could you meet such great people in such an easy way? I got my daily amount of motivation, many great new ideas and several new cooperation offers and client contacts. I tell you, you have to try this! Check out Garage48's fb page to see their next events. I have to go now, I got some business that needs to be done! Oh and by the way, if you have a nice app idea we can develop it for you! :) Raino Raasuke, App Development Company,

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