The best time to start was yesterday or at Garage48

January 15, 2013
When I heard Garage48 was going to open their seaon 2013 with Belarus event and I was asked to write what has happened with Qminder, the Garage48 Tartu winner, I was in New York City about to meet a client in Manhattan – so you see, a lot has happened!
Qminder is a modern solution for waiting line management. Based in the cloud and using tablets, we are an easy to setup and affordable system to manage the queue, see visitor and performance statistics and increase customer satisfaction. 

“Holy crap – you did that in 48 hours?” you might ask. Hell no! We started with a simple idea of hating waiting lines and wasting time standing in them – we made an app for remote queuing. A free smartphone application to take your place in line for you –  whether from home, queuing up to a telecom, or taking a ticket for a post office  and shop around until you are notified of your turn. 
A little bit more than a year later we have an established company, a new office, investment from Seedcamp, one of the best investors in Europe, more than 700 businesses worldwide have used or are using our system without any marketing efforts, and we have visited and partnered up with some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Star Micronics

As bright as the future may seem, we are still pushing ourselves every day to make our customers even happier and gain even more speed. We all mind waiting!

Our team members have taken part in Garage48 events before and after the event we won that changed our lives. Visiting Garage48 hackathons and staying in tune has been inspirational. 

It’s not just about the “next killer startup” or even going beyond the 48 hours. Definitely not all the teams or ideas have to survive - but the people and lessons do. 

Startups win by being impatient over a long period of time.

Our mobile developer Kristaps Grinbergs has both a BA and an MA in iOS, but he still went back to Garage48 Riga because it was a challenge for him to learn Android development, which was a bit behind for us at that moment.

Qminder CTO Siim Raud joined Qminder with the aim of developing a Nokia Meego app, just because he “had done something with QT a decade before and we wanted to win the Nokia sponsor price – it was only later we learned that he was the architect behind the world record breaking Estonian census project.

Our developer Martin Verrev, MSE specializing on startups, shall also take the trip to Belarus Garage48 Minsk 2013 event. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the people who have shown interest for Qminder from that market, with some hands-on hardcore coding and pushing oneself.

Qminder and Garage48 Tartu weren’t the first events or projects I took part in. For example, I had been part of a team called Smashr – quite an absurd app idea that challenges you to destroy your phone. To mention some of the people from the team: Toomas Römer (co-founder of Zeroturnaround, Martin Villig (COO of Modera), and Rain Rannu (founder of Garage48 and Fortumo). The next time I met Rain was in Silicon Valley, where he was living at the time, and it was my first visit there. To have the option to call these people up is amazing.

The people you meet at Garage48 is an extraordinary combination of characters and they are great examples of being persistent while being impatient. The founder of Skype and the young chap who is determined to build something bigger than Skype come together.

We at Qminder managed to find the balance and the team of cross-functional people with skill, experience and ambition. We have taken the risks and gotten the taste of something bigger.
I highly recommend it!   

Stay hungry. Stay foolish

Text by: Rauno Rüngas (founder of Qminder)

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