What’s up? Garage48 hackathon’s after event

April 01, 2015

Garage48 organized a reunion event for the teams and participants from Garage48 week-end events to share their progress and help each other out on March 26th at Garage48 HUB.

The teams from the previous Garage48 hackathons came to the meetup event to share their progress and get feedback from the organizers and mentors from the past events, such as Elise Sass, Helen Kokk, Ragnar Sass, Martin Grüner and Maarika Susi. The great supporter UK Ambassador Chris Holtby gave the impressive opening words and thankfully the British Embassy in Tallinn provided the guests with snacks and drinks as well.

Are you interested in the progress of the teams from Garage48 events? Here is the short recap for you!

Paytailor (paytailor.com) from EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013

- With the easy mobile payment software, Merchant will insert the sum and customers just have to call on the number displayed.

All the initial members except a business person, Rode Luhaäär have changed since the team does not need many developers. They have spent more time on contract stuffs instead. They have got some partnerships with Fortumo, Telia Sonera and Samsung and the service will start in some places like Solaris. Their future strategy is to expand the service from Tallinn to Helsinki and London, like Taxify did.

Helpific (helpific.com)   from Enable Tallinn 2014 - Platform connects volunteers to those who need help with everyday activities.

11 out of the 12 initial members keep working on the project and have meetings altogether every week. They successfully have been exposed to the media. Currently their service works on SNS and they are developing a new platform specializing for disabled people. The target market so far is whole Estonia, but at first, they will focus on one place in Estonia to get reaction and feedback. They are in contact with the Ministry of Social Affairs. They have a vision of hybrid model mixing business and social welfare for the future with three stages. The first stage is to connect people in need with fellow citizen who are willing to be volunteers. In the second stage, the platform will help disabled people with state finance to decide whom to order the social service. The platform helps this interaction and creates market. Eventually, there will be economical boundary among local members as a platform allows everyone to sell their skills and receive small money from it.

Kokkame.ee (Couchcooking) kokkame.ee from Pärnu 2014 Women Special - Platform for connecting homecooks and foodies.

2 initial members keep working on the project during 2 left the team. About 70 cooks have registered and about 140 purchases have done on the website. They found cooks through writing in different forums and blog. So far, they have not made any benefit since the platform is currently just to connect people without any profit. Although there are some issues such as a customer has to contact a cook and discuss if the cook delivers product or the customer goes to pick up, the website and system are developing day by day.

 Get Brailling (Braillekeyboard) brailling.wordpress.com from Enable Tallinn 2014 - Chording keyboard add-on that fits on the back side of a mobile phone.

The number of the team member has increased from 5 to 7. The biggest challenge they have faced is time since many of the team members are voluntary workers. The next step is to improve the prototype to fit in hands according to feedback and will make it a case for smartphone. They will also create a mobile app for learning braille.

Medikeep (medikeep.eu) from Tallinn 2014 “Health & Wellness” - Mobile app for personal medicine inventory with reminders, exp. dates, amounts left and medicine information.

8 initial members have decreased to 2 because many of them are from Tartu or even a foreign country. They deal with the shrink by hiring a developer as a part time worker. They already released an iOS app and they are now developing an Android app. In the future they plan to add syncing, family profiles and simple healthlog functionality. Their business plan is subscription model for pharmacy and according to their research, pharmacies are interested in loyalty and advertisement.

 Toitla.com (toitla.com) not from any Garage48 event - Platform for ordering homemade food in the neighborhood.

They did not take part of Garage48 event, but organised their own “Garage48” at the same time as Garage48 Pärnu 2014 Women Special. They have got about 90 registered cooks in 3 months. Now, they are feeling stuck to take the next step, so will go back to beginning “what is the user’s problem?”

Sorry As A Service (sorryasaservice.com) from Pärnu 2014 Women Special - Service which helps companies turn customer mistakes into legendary experiences

Out of 7 initial members, 5 are active members, 1 stays as an adviser and 1 left to the U.S. They have meeting all together 3 days a week. The project is working well and gaining more customers such as Transferwise. There was a funny question from a mentor: what if a customer receives 10 handmade chocolates from 10 different companies? And answer is that there is the program notifies if one company tries to send a chocolate to a customer who already received a chocolate from another company before. They also have a new service, Thanks As A Service.

We are happy that many projects started from Garage48 events successfully and are doing well. Hope everyone enjoyed the event with the delicious foods from the British Embassy Tallinn.

The next Garage48 hackathon is happening this May on 8-10 at Tehnopol, with the focus on innovating the environment and climate sector with green technology and IT. 

For more info and registration go to: http://garage48.org/events/tallinn



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