Windows 8 App Design with Agu Suur

February 28, 2013
We said farewell to busy February by hosting a fast-paced UX kick-start at the Garage48 HUB. Agu Suur, who is Frontend Developer at Axinom, taught our enthusiastic guests everything they need to know about designing beautiful Windows 8 apps, including general design principles, basic rules and an overview of UI concepts and components in Windows 8 apps.

Starting out with the web and moving on to applications, Agu has 7 years of experience in UI design and development across a variety of different platforms and form factors. For the past years he has been focusing on XAML-based frontends, including Windows Phone, Xbox and most recently Windows 8 apps.

Agu says that the difference of Windows 8 lies in its new design, touch-centered approach, having multiple form-factors, including tablets, and Windows Store, where we can find all applications in one place. According to Agu, another important aspect is that all of Microsoft's consumer experiences share the same design language. He briefly lists general principles of Microsoft's Design Language as showing pride in craftmanship, doing more with less,being fast and fluid, being authentically digital and winning as one.

Another important aspect that Agu points out is that content comes before chrome in Windows 8 app design. "Leave only the most relevant elements on screen to minimize distractions", he suggests and adds that chrome is traditionally added for layout, interaction and navigation which aim a better presentation of content.

You can find further resources about Windows 8 App Design here and Agu's presentation here.

Big thanks to Microsoft for the presenter!

Garage48 HUB activities are funded by Credit24 and through EAS by European Social Fund.

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