Estonian Tech Startups


Annual revenue $500K+ and/or funding $1M+
  • Adcash

    Technology Driven Global Advertising Network
  • Bondora (isePankur)

    Individuals and businesses can borrow and lend between each other
  • Creative Mobile

    Addictive free-to-play games for mobile platforms, over 100M downloads
  • Cleveron

    The most modern and efficient parcel delivery solution in the world
  • Click and Grow

    Developing innovative plant growing systems from flowerpots to city farms
  • Defendec

    Smartdec is an electronic security guard that gives you virtual eyes 24/7 in remote locations
  • Erply

    Powerful cloud based POS software for retail, inventory and e-commerce
  • Fleep

    Chat for dynamic teams

    Virtual fitting room for eCommerce
    Successful exit
  • Fortumo

    Helps online and mobile app and game developers to monetize their users via mobile payments
  • Funderbeam

     Funderbeam is global startup rating, tracking and funding platform  
  • GrabCAD

    Engineering platform to share, collaborate in and manage CAD projects.
    Exit $100M
  • Guardtime

    Independently verifiable proof of time, origin and integrity for all the world's electronic data
  • Jobbatical

    Job and Sabbatical nicely combined
  • Lingvist

    Learn a language in just 200 hours
    TechStars Accelerator
  • Messente

    Dead simple SMS sending platform and API for businesses and developers.
  • Modesat

    Designs point-to-point modem IP solutions for high-performance radio links
    Successful exit
  • Monese

    Banking without borders
  • Pipedrive

    Pipeline software for deal makers
  • PocoPay

    Simple banking app for Europe
  • Planet OS

    Big Data Platform for Multi-Sensor and Machine Data
  • Plumbr

    Plumbr is an automated Java performance consultant to fix memory leaks
  • RealEyes

    Google Analytics of Emotions - we use webcams to measure how people feel.
  • Skeleton

    Leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors
  • Starship Technologies

    Self-driving delivery robots for last mile.
  • Smart AD

    Ad technology development & operating ad network
    Successful exit
  • Taxify

    Reliable rides with taxis and ridesharing in 10 European countries
  • Testlio

    Testlio replaces the need to build an entire QA department in-house

  • Textmagic

    Provider of text messaging solutions via web, API and email2sms gateways
  • Teleport

    Search engine for digital nomads
  • Toggl

    Time tracking so easy that you'll actually use it
  • Transferwise

    Crowd-sourced international money transfers
  • VitalFields

    Revolutionising farm management by providing agronomy & farm management advice in a simple, affordable, global tool
  • ZeroTurnaround

    Fighting against Java redeploys since 2007
  • High Mobility

    Mobile Infotainment Solutions for Car Manufacturers


  • 3D Creationist

    Easiest app to create 3D models
  • 3D Wayfinder

    A digital building directory, helps visitors find their way in large public buildings
  • 3plet

    Reinventing the music album idea
  • Actual Reports

    Labels, tags and print designs made simple
  • AirPatrol

    Easily adjust your heat pump / AC from anywhere
  • Apprentus

    Find the best teachers in your area
  • Autolevi

    Person to person car rental in Baltics
  • Autobahn

    Autobahn is an online platform for selling, ordering and delivering vehicles
  • Clipman

    Video creation automated
  • Cognuse

    We make cognitive rehabilitation accessible
  • coModule

    Connecting electric vehicles
  • .Contriber

    Collaboration toolset for multiple teams
  • Deekit

    Shared whiteboard for remote teams
  • Deltabid

    Enhance efficiency of procurement processes
  • Deltasight

    Utilize its data mining and analysis technologies to bring transparency to global innovation and technologies.
  • Dream Apply

    Your student admission platform
  • Flirtic

    Flirtic is a discovery dating service - play games, take quizzes, have fun and we’ll find you a date!
  • Ganttic

    Simple and visual planning software
  • GoWorkaBit

    Hire and work in a flexible way
    Started at Garage48 event
  • Greenhouse

    Hassle free continuous integration for mobile apps
  • Guaana

    Platform for the open scientific discussion and collaboration
  • Hourdini

    Getting things done on time
  • Huntloc

    Mobile app for hunters communicating silently outdoors
  • Import2

    Do It Yourself online data migration service that helps moving data between cloud software platforms
  • Insly

    Insurance software for agents and brokers
  • Jiffi

    World’s first hands-free ticketing system for passengers
  • Investly

    Crowdfunding platform for startups
  • Like a Local

    Helping experienced travellers feel like locals
  • Margn

    Super simple online accounting platform for small businesses
  • Merocrat

    Connecting fashion creatives to opportunities
  • Paytailor

    Social wallet for clients and mobile payment terminals for merchants

  • MageFlow

    MageFlow is an infrastructure and release management solution for Magento
  • Modera

    Automotive industry content management products suite
  • Nutiteq

    Offline and online maps SDK for mobile applications
    Successful exit
  • PARiM

    Workforce Management Software
  • Paype

    Paype is the world's thinnest wallet and loyalty card system
  • Results On Air

    Predictive TV Analytics & High Returns
  • Qminder

    Mobile queue elimination system
  • Skuuper

    Translation technology and platform for freelancers
  • SignWise

    Simple, secure and legally binding e-signing solution
  • Sliptree

    Online invoicing that is not scary
  • Sorry As a Service

    Customer retention solution that's bringing back the personal touch
  • SportID

    We manage your company's sports benefits
  • Sportlyzer

    Training planning and analysis software for sports clubs
  • Svipe

    Real-time customer loyalty solutions
  • Sympower

    Energy demand response via household appliances
  • Teamweek

    Antidote to Gantt charts. Weekly team calendar
  • Timbeter

    Professional mobile app to measure timber quickly
  • Traffel

    Weekly newsletter of cheap flight offers.
  • TrainedOn

    Platform to organize and collaborate on trainings
    Startup Wyse Guys Accelerator
  • Voog

    Easiest to use website builder for small businesses
  • WeekDone

    Weekly goal planning & employee status reporting
  • Zerply

    LinkedIn for creative professionals

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