At the moment the legendary HUB is moving to a new location. We are opening a new space in a new location in December 2016. For resident membership please contact:

We are temporarily closed for daily visitors.

In the meanwhile you can follow the upcoming Garage48 hackathons and keep an eye on our Facebook page for other news.

Garage48 HUB is mainly for product and tech startup teams. HUB is most suitable  for teams with 1-3 members, but we also have few bigger teams. We also have some freelance designers and software developers.

If you would like to book a meeting room or host an event in our HUB, please see Rooms & Event Space options >

Check our membership packages and book a tour via


1. Resident member - leave your home office and join Garage48 HUB! Inspiring, relaxing and affordable place in the city center. In addition to your own desk, office devices, meeting room and all other “must have” office comforts, it also includes friendly colleagues, useful contacts, supportive community and cool events!


Resident membership fee (incl VAT)
€120    €1200       

2. Open space member - all the comforts of resident membership, except your own private table and 24/7 access. For a place to work, use our open space area with a working table for at least six people and the lounge area.

Open space membership fee (incl VAT) is €78 / month

3. Daily visitor - you can come by whenever you are in town. No registration needed. If you would like to have a tour, let us know in advance.

Daily ticket (incl VAT) is €6 / day

Apply for a membership

Please fill in the form and will review your application and get back to you as soon as we can. We have to make sure that we accept positive, open-minded and trustworthy people to the community. By filling the application below, you accept Garage48 HUB house rules and terms. If you have any questions, please contact Garage48 HUB team.

Email again:

NB! Garage48 HUB house rules and terms of service.