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Mentors of the Garage48 HUB community

We value knowledge, learning and sharing experience among the Garage48 HUB community. We have already great mentors willing to share their experience in their domain of expertize.

If you want to meet a mentor, please send us a note at or in "HUB community Skype chat".

Mentors visiting the HUB from time-to-time:
  • Jüri Kaljundi - Co-Founder of CVO, Weekdone and Garage48
    Topics: Startups, Entrance to Silicon Valley, UX, Recruitment, etc.
  • Ahti Heinla - Founding engineer of Skype, Co-founder of Ambient Sound Investments and TargetAPI. Topics: Software Architecture, Financing, Business Models
  • Riina Einberg - COO of ZeroTurnaround
    Topics: how to build successful teams, overcome management and HR issues, establish HR routines and recruiting.
  • Ingvar Kupinski - Experienced Product Manager
    Topics: Strategy, Business Models, Product Management
  • Jaanus Tamm: Co-founder and CEO in high-tech company Defendec
    Topics: Bootstraping, Go-To-Market Strategies, International B2B Sales. Area: Software Development, Electronics, Embeded systems.
  • Jaanus Kivistik - ex Skype SysAdmin and Co-founder of HaVirtual
    Topics: Server/Network Infrastructure and Scalability, Embedded Linux
  • Rando Rannus - ex Biz Consultant at PWC, Founder of smartAD
    Topics: Strategy & Business Models
  • Priit Vaikmaa - Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager at
    Topics: Remote working and Outsourcing, Internet Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization, Online Payments, Fraud Prevention
  • Priit Haamer - Co-Founder of and Defolio
    Topics: Technology, Ruby on Rails, Scalable Web Applications
To sign-up as a mentor, contact us at