Partners & Sponsors

Garage48 HUB is operated by Garage48 Foundation, a non-profit organization to promote entrepreneurship and develop startup community. Garage48 HUB is partially funded by our membership fees (about 50% of costs) and by sponsors (50%). 

Our partners have different interests like sharing their industry know-how, getting visibility for hiring people or promoting their products, services and technologies (API-s, user groups), getting feedback from community members and early beta-testers etc. Be creative, there are lots of opportunities how we can bring value to each other.

As money is important to run the community space, we are happy to talk to new companies interested in getting visibility in Estonian startup community. We are looking for sponsors and partners from different industries. Please contact

Thanks to our great sponsors and partners:





Sponsors and partners from previous years

Elion, Altex marketingMicrosoftMarkITMobi SolutionsSocial Fox MediaAdvisio, BDA Consulting, DirectoEstonian, Eventmasters, HansabIcefireModera Software, RegioZERO Technologies, NOW Innovations