Garage48 HUB Tartu one month old and events to look forward to

October 05, 2015
Roughly a month ago we were holding the Construction Hackathon that brought in a lot of wonderful people who helped us open Garage48 HUB Tartu. By now, already 7 companies count the HUB as their HQ, the number is growing and several people use the HUB as their office away from home office.

Great, isn't it?

October will be quite busy with different events both organised by Garage48 HUB Tartu and also others.

At the moment we are in the perfect storm of entrepreneurial spirits as it's the Tartu Entrepreneurship Week, and we have opened our doors to everyone who'd like to see the hub. Lots of coffee is drunk and lots of chocolates are eaten already. The doors are open today from 5-7PM and tomorrow 1:30-3.30PM. Get over here!

Today a seminar takes place where Contriber founder (and the owner of the amazing Contriber Labs building that the hub is located in) Rein Lemberpuu and the Contriber marketing wizard Margus Alviste will discuss collaboration, Decision Maker and Clearing methodologies.

On Wednesday an Ajujaht evening takes place where ideas are discussed in a world cafe form and a big chunk of the evening is dedicated to pitching, from what it is and how to do it to actual pitching of actual ideas, and winning stuff. Register here and here.

Fast forward to an awesome weekend on 17.-18. October! We have an amazing event taking place where entrepreneurs from South-East Estonia craft some rather awesome ideas and lord be hold, end up with working prototypes. Of course, with the help of kick ass mentors. Check it out here. Oh, and on the 17. October some crazy people, also known as virtual reality enthusiasts, will meet here. If you'd like to join them, check out their Facebook event.

The most exciting upcoming event this month is the Turn8 Innov-a-thon, taking place 25 October. There will be some serious pitching taking place that evening and the results will probably be amazing. The winner of the Tartu event is a pre-selected candidate who will then be able to win the whole thing and then spend 4 months in Dubai in the new Turn8 seed accelerator. We think this is an amazing opportunity to grasp, and who knows, you may be able to escape the cold Estonian winter for a bit!?

The month ends with a suitably futuristic accord with sTARTUp 2015 Biotech event that brings in all sorts of people from the fields of biotech, medicine and veterinary medicine. Register here.

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