Hardware & Arts 2016 Hackathon wrap up

February 09, 2016

1000 cups of coffee, 79.1 liters of energy drinks, €9000 worth of electronics. Handful of burned Arduinos. Countless Raspberry Pis. One destroyed microwave. Hours and hours of brainstorming, building, scratching heads. Roughly 9 hours of sleep per person, less for engineers.

That was Hardware & Arts 2016 that took place on the first weekend of February! And what an exciting weekend it was indeed. On Friday evening, we all heard 35 pitches of different things, some of them rather eyebrow raising which was really cool.

Each pitch got a paper with their project description and started to gather team mates who sticked their sticky notes on the paper. By 10PM in the evening 20 teams were formed. Those who failed to attract at least 3 additional people to their team, joined somebody else's.

During Saturday a lot of work was done. Everything anyone might have needed was at their disposal as Tartu University's Physics Instityte Physicum is really well equipped indeed. 

There was lots of buzz in the electronics lab, the 3D printers kept on printing, desks were covered with bits of electronics and soldering irons and all blackboards, whiteboards and spare pieces of paper carried valuable strategies on them.

And Sunday evening was proof that you really can do anything with 48 hours. You remember I mentioned eyebrow raising ideas? Yeah, almost ALL ended up with working prototypes. It's sad the snowboard with a jet engine (or something along that line) didn't make the cut, but on the other hand, SMUBBLE did! Not to mention the more down to earth projects.

This is part of Smubble headgear.

Overall Winner + Best Design: GenosityAffordable gene testing for the masses

Runner Up: M-Sap

Affordable music visualizer for individual performers and small bands.

First Runner Up + Estonian National Defence College Special Prize for best defence related project + Prototron special award: False Radio Network

Enemy radio reconnaissance unit deception device                

Microsoft special prize + Best Technology prize: Teasla Model T

Tea machine


Inspiration prize: Jasper August Tootsi: A high school student who had had to jump through hurdles to make it to the hackathon.

Favorite of Audience – Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2016 edition: Track My Ride: Car usage information log app

Garage48 HUB special prize: Wulfcounter: Displays the number of bullets left in a magazine on a screen

Best marketing: Eye-Shirt: LED shirt controllable by smartphone.

Last but not least, check out Garage48 video of the whole thing! And here are all the 20 hacks with all their glory.

Oh and something else important: attend the next hackathon! 

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