Tartu Startup Community Lunchathons is the new event to add to your routine!

December 15, 2015
Tartu Startup Community Lunchathons are a quick way to get in touch, have a meal and discuss local issues.

Hopefully you have already heard that we’ve started a tradition of lunchathons.

What is a lunchathon? Basically it’s a techie version of working lunch meets networking meets discussions meets hackathons. We took all these things and mixed it all together, and what came out of it is a lunchathon. Our goal is to give the Tartu startup scene a regular event to get out of offices and to network, exchange knowledge and latest news and tackle local tech scene issues head on. The lunchathons are held in the Contriber Labs building (Kompanii 2/Raekoja plats 16) and require pre-registering so our trusty caterer CafeTruffe would know how many meals to prepare.
We’ve organised two of such events so far and they have been a great success.

Today’s event focused on cooperation between startups and universities. The age old questions: who expects what and how does it play out in the real world. Students expect excitement, practice and internships, maybe even a job, startups expect clear results and can-do attitude. Yet, internships of coffee making - the easy way out to both companies and students - should be left to aspiring baristas. Students should use every opportunity to found their own startups instead - with the help of UT Idealab, Garage48 events and hackathons etc.

University communication can sometimes also be an issue. The universities should up their game so students would be better prepared for the jungle that is the startup scene and so-called real life. The first thing to start with is to pin down why exactly isn’t communication working at the moment, or who this mystical creature is who it is working for.

What can companies do? This goes especially to IT-companies: don’t hire students to full time positions. A lot of them never end up graduating as work life takes over. Yes, of course a lot of great things in tech have happened precisely because someone dropped out of college but clearly dropping out is not a recipe for success.

To participate in future lunchathons, keep an eye on our Facebook page and website. The lunchathons always focus on a theme. If the theme isn’t really up your alley, it’s still always a good idea to just come and meet up, who knows what good ideas might come of it. Not sure yet if you can be asked to get out? Check who attended here.

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